12 July 2015

Link round-up for 12 July 2015

Here's how the TSA can tell you might be a terrorist (found via Mendip).

Our country's founders believed in aliens, and they had plenty of support from the ancients.

Betraying its own people, the Greek government has surrendered to the European Union German Empire.  Greece's former Finance Minister assesses the situation, and Nigel Farage has some blunt words on the only way out.  Britain's Labour party, aghast at the brutality on display, is finally turning against the EU.

In this comment thread I try to educate some conservatives on "social issues" -- but they're probably unreachable.

What have the Democrats done for us lately?

God's wrath hasn't been much in evidence (found via Republic of Gilead). And this is very much to the point.

Science is closing in on why memory deteriorates with age -- and how to repair it.

Muslim charities are raising money to help rebuild the black churches burned since the Charleston attack (found vie Progressive Eruptions).

The Christian Right is not only crypto-fascist, it even has its own flag.  It's not doing so well at hanging on to real power, though.

Exxon knew about global warming for decades while still funding denialist propaganda.

It's striking that there's been no mass protest against the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling, although the usual nutcases are pretty honked off about it (found via Republic of Gilead).

Rubio has a plan -- to destroy higher education in the US.

Let the states decide!

Fair and Unbalanced blog has been hosting a lot of debate on gay marriage recently.  Start with this item and its comment thread.

What do the fundies really mean by "old-fashioned"?

At least one South Carolina legislator is a nut.

Yes, it does matter when people don't know anything.

China's stock market is crashing (found via Green Eagle).

The roots of conservative opposition to gay marriage are creepier than you think.

Retirement is pagan, apparently.

It's not just Christianity and Islam -- Shinto fueled the Japanese atrocities of World War II.

The Republican Presidential clown show gets zanier as Trump takes the lead.  He's doubling down on his greatest (so far) gaffe blast of Republican-ness, sending business partners and others stampeding for the exits.  His plan for Iraq is, unsurprisingly, even stupider, and he's openly threatening that if he doesn't get the nomination he'll do a Ross Perot which would certainly torpedo the actual nominee.  But really, he's just turning the Republicans' own philosophy against them.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...


The anti-gay crusaders won't be giving up anytime soon. Visit some of the far right blogs and read how they refer to gay people. These "loving" Christians are full of hate and resentment because a majority of Americans don't share their views on gay marriage or anything gay.

We don't have the burden of desert myths that tell us how to be decent human beings.

12 July, 2015 06:42  
Blogger Unknown said...

The Daily Caller (sorry for having brought that piece of trash into the conversation) has called out Trump for having donated "heavily" for *gasp* Democrats in an article way back in June when he was thought to be no problem to the GOP front runners for POTUS.

It seems that has changed since several GOP consultants have appeared recently to decry Trump's unforgivable sins against god and the republic.

It hasn't made a difference in the polls, however, so we gleefully look forward to more desperate attempts to silence the Donald in the next few weeks.

12 July, 2015 16:20  
Blogger Comrade Misfit said...

I'm waiting for the photos of SS and Gestapo officers with Euro-flag armbands. For it's now becoming clear that Germany views the Eurozone as the empire that they couldn't gain by force of arms.

12 July, 2015 18:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: I see plenty of things like that -- one of the reasons I read the right-wing net is to keep myself aware of what they're really like. They're a shrinking minority now, but the hate and vitriol remain alive, certainly.

Thomas: A lot of the more sane Republicans are getting almost panicky about Trump's success with the base. He's not going to be an easy man to shut up, though.

Comrade: I'm increasingly convinced that that's the case. But like their previous empires, this one will eventually blow up in their faces and collapse. The same arrogance and overreach are clearly in evidence. And some people in other countries are getting very uneasy.

13 July, 2015 18:53  
Blogger Commander Zaius said...

At least one South Carolina legislator is a nut.

No, in reality the state house has so many nuts serving as elected officials the trees surrounding the capital building are overrun with squirrels.

14 July, 2015 00:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'm sure they are abundant there. He's just the featured nut of the week, one might say.

14 July, 2015 04:54  

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