24 May 2015

Link round-up for 24 May 2015

Here's a place with more water than we have.

Rosa Rubicondior assesses Ireland's gay-marriage referendum in the context of Ireland's history under the domination of the Catholic Church, while Republic of Gilead looks at the Church's fecklessness in the face of defeat.  See also this post by Lisa O'Carroll.  And here's how the campaign played out on the net (LOL at the Bishopstown Bar breakfast special).

Republic of Gilead analyzes Huckabee's post on the Duggar scandal, while Race42016 looks at Huckabee's future and conservatives hash things out in the comments.  Charles Johnson hopes the scandal will draw attention to the Quiverfull movement.  Religious Duggar fans indulge in some excuse-making (found via Republic of Gilead).  Lady Atheist has the sordid details of what they're making excuses for.

Here's another case of youthful fundie sister-molesters.  Is this becoming a trend?

Bees have a friend at the top.

Republicans haven't changed.

Want more growth?  Follow the example of the fastest-growing economy in the Americas.

Right-wing media are grossly distorting the story of that anti-gay-marriage jeweler in Toronto.

The Catholic Church struggles with minor concessions to modernity, not that they'd be nearly enough to slow its decline.

After Ireland, could Colombia be next?

In the US, support for gay marriage is still rising.

On marijuana, Republicans are out of touch with the country.

Why are Americans turning away from Christianity?  Maybe because it now looks like this.  But the fundies have no clue what to do about it (found via Republic of Gilead).

I've always suspected that this is why believers hate atheists.

Don't be fooled by Rand Paul's NSA filibuster.  And Jeb isn't so moderate.

Baptist pastor Steven Anderson thinks anti-gay businesses aren't anti-gay enough (found via Republic of Gilead) -- by the way, that last quote about women is direct from the Bible.

Horizons looks at acting DOJ director Vanita Gupta, one of the Obama administration's under-reported success stories.

What are the roots of white-on-white gang crime?

Luis Lang finally recognizes that Republicans, not Obamacare, are responsible for his plight -- now he just has to hope they lose at the Supreme Court (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

The Bible has the answers.

American airports are terrible.

Here's an interview with World War II historian Anthony Beevor on the horrors of war.

The news from Antarctica just keeps getting worse.

Liberals shouldn't feel hesitant about voting for Hillary -- she's always been one of us.  She'll need to hold the Obama coalition together, but so far, Republican attacks aren't having much effect.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Re: "Arizona Pastor Steven Anderson Claims Anti-Gay Businesses Are 'Destroying America' By 'Being Too Nice' To LGBT Customers"

Asinine statements from dumbasses like Anderson are the very things that are driving young adults (and rational people) away from religion.

All I can hope is that people like Anderson keep spewing their stupidity.

24 May, 2015 12:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's almost funny that he wants to open a bakery so he can discriminate against gays. He's already a leader in the anti-gayness industry -- why complicate things?

25 May, 2015 03:12  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks again for linking to that entry. Between you and my sharing this on the Coffee Party Facebook page, it's the most viewed entry of the past month.

26 May, 2015 18:14  

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