17 May 2015

Link round-up for 17 May 2015

You've seen the donut explanation of religions -- now here's the donut explanation of social media.

Tengrain updates his guide to the Republican candidates.

This table will baffle your younger friends.

What does it mean to be a man?  Views are changing.

Canadian money is fun.

Republican predictions about Obamacare were absurdly wrong (found via The Reaction) -- I can't wait to see a similar recap of their claims about gay marriage.

Where is the Confederate flag seen?

Poo-filled monsters are crawling on your face, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Life in colonial America was a ghastly nightmare, apparently.

Modern church music makes a thinly-disguised appeal to sexuality.

Ireland may soon become the first country to legalize gay marriage by referendum.

Read one detainee's story of what goes on at the Homan Square police detention center, Chicago.

Texas blogger Shiplord Kirel fears Jade Helm paranoia could trigger an actual insurrection in the state.  The fact that the exercise begins just a couple of weeks after the Supreme Court verdict on gay marriage is expected probably won't help matters.

Here's how to tell if your religious liberties are being violated.

Jeb Bush won't give a straight answer on Iraq, because he can't.

"Toughen up", the school told bullied students, and now a 12-year-old has committed suicide.

Anybody remember this?  Didn't think so.

Here's how a fake patriot talks about a real one.

It's a rare thing these days, to have a chance to free a slave.

Go ahead, tell me this guy didn't deserve the death penalty.

Sometimes people get what they vote for. And sometimes consequences must be faced.

As marriage changes, so do wedding dresses.

A modern city begins to reveal its very different past.

Gay-haters beware -- Mike Pence's lunge into bigotry has destroyed him.

Yes, they really are this dumb.

Southwest Airlines needs to be sued out of existence, if this story is true.

Republican debate plans are edging into affirmative action.

What the hell are those bright spots on Ceres anyway?

Texas Republicans come up with yet another way to stigmatize the poor (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Birds still carry genes for traits of their dinosaur ancestors, and can be made to express them.

Related to amphetamine?  Why do people use this shit?

An Iowa landowner gets a startling offer from an oil-pipeline company.

Can the wingnuts stop Jeb in the primaries?  Probably not.

Antarctica's Larsen B ice shelf is in the verge of collapse.

If you're worried about the Clinton Foundation, check this out.

[Image at top found via Rosa Rubicondior.  The tendonitis is finally clearing up, thank goodness.  I was getting pretty tired of typing everything one-handed.]


Anonymous NickM said...

It is technically the Confederate "Battle Banner". Jus' sayin'.

18 May, 2015 00:26  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I know. The point remains.

18 May, 2015 04:01  
Anonymous Connie said...

I started to read the comments on the ice shelf article but the stoopid burned so much I had to stop.

I am fond of humans, being one myself, but we totally deserve the effects of climate change. For a brief moment I had a hope that adult minds would back science. It was brief as greed for money and power overwhelmed anyone who could have made substantial change.

18 May, 2015 19:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Connie: Don't forget that the fossil-fuel industry is spending millions on denialist propaganda to bamboozle the public. It's hard to blame people for being fooled when so much is being spent to do it. Also, as best I can tell, denialism is mostly confined to English-speaking countries, which are maybe 7% of humanity.

Substantive articles on the effects of global warming almost always attract a great number of denialist comments all rather similar in tone. Myself, I suspect paid threadjacking campaigns.

19 May, 2015 05:03  

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