26 April 2015

Link round-up for 26 April 2015

"Take it off!"

Yeah, but Mars doesn't have fundamentalists.

Are you old enough for the truth?

Next time, ask somebody who can read the language.

Here's why our society can't withstand the rise of gay marriage.

The Koch brothers may have overpaid for their latest acquisition (found via Politics Plus).

Funny how these totalitarian states tend to be so Victorian.

BDSM and abuse are polar opposites.

Scooby-Doo has a bit of truth for the kids.

Some textbook writer had a bit of fun here.

That Clinton Cash attack book?  Looks like there's no real substance to it.

Dress properly for church.

What's a biscuit?  Depends where you live.

The domestication of dogs teaches us a lot about evolution, including our own.

There are bacteria that feed on electricity, and they might even be useful (found via Mendip).

This Islamic school in Australia is apparently run by complete morons.

The Independent Fundamentalist Baptist view of the cosmos looks like something out of Rube Goldberg (found via Bruce Gerencser).

Gay marriage is coming to Chile.

The evidence is clear -- strong labor unions mean a better life for everyone.

An important point too often overlooked -- ignoring the existence of bisexuality gives undeserved credibility to the "ex-gay" scam (found via Republic of Gilead).

Sigh.....more disgusting frat behavior.

If you're keeping track of how many Republican investigations into Benghazi have come up with nothing, it was seven as of November (found via Progressive Eruptions).

OK, here's a church I might consider going to.

Green Eagle reminds us yet again of why they're called wingnuts.  More craziness here, and of course Bachmann is in a class by herself.

The data don't support the claim that Republicans can win by boosting fundie turnout.

Younger people are generally more enlightened, but there are exceptions.

Public opinion is turning strongly against anti-gay "religious freedom" laws (found via Republic of Gilead).

Delusional thinking is delusional.

Politicians "protecting the children"?  Bullshit.

Lucy Aharish is an Israeli patriot with a difference.

Jindal is working hard to destroy Louisiana's future.

Attacks on Hillary from the left are stupid.  The enemy already has her in their sights. Judge her by who opposes her and why.  Stonekettle Station responds to a Dick Morris hit piece.

This parent exists.

Jon Stewart has some fun with the Republicans' floundering on gay marriage.  The religio-nutters are going berserk.  Scott Lively, rather less funny, fantasizes about mob violence.

A professor at a fundie university was caught teaching actual science, so of course he had to be fired (found via Republic of Gilead).

Libertarianism has already been tried.

Classy move there, Taco Bell.

The gutting of the Voting Rights Act reminds us why the 2016 election is so important.

Suicide note?  Well, it's a murder-suicide.

Florida's Latino demographics are changing, making the state tougher to win for Republicans.

Yes, you nitwits, ISIS is Islamic.

Marriage is threatened by.....just about every aspect of modernity, apparently.

Never forget the Armenian genocide.

The configuration of pre-Civil-War pro-slavery sentiment is strangely reflected in the modern constituencies of the Republican party.

You're not worthy to help us feed poor people because you're a faggot.

The fossil-fuel industry is really shaking up Oklahoma.

Despite early missteps, Obama has emerged as one of our most successful Presidents (found via Progressive Eruptions).

20 years after a dire warning, we're still ignoring our biggest terrorist threat.


Blogger mendip said...

I love the South Dakota ad: "You might not die here!". The article on the mutual adaptation and evolution of dogs and humans was very interesting. And I enjoyed the Mohammedan theory of women running losing their virginity. I always thought it was when they stopped running that the risks began... ;)

26 April, 2015 08:23  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Re: the scantily-clad car models. China sure is a weird place when it comes to these issues.

I can't make up my mind on which is the sillier: scantily-clad car models or THIS.

26 April, 2015 12:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mendip: It's striking how human-ape differences resemble dog-wolf differences -- as if we were sort of domesticating ourselves in a similar way to how we domesticated dogs. Taming our violent streak has always been one of the challenges of building civilizations, but if our ferocity hadn't lost it's original ape edge, we might never have managed it, no matter how intelligent we got.

The Islamotards at that school are just still caught in the grip of the same absurd hymen fixation that can be seen in the Old Testament. Even virginity isn't really the point, the crude supposed physical evidence of it is the point.

Shaw: Yeesh, never heard of that one. It seems very out of synch with the solemnity a funeral should have.

26 April, 2015 15:19  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

I have to admit I liked the South Dakota ad; while it may not have been a parody, I still got the feeling it was more than a little tongue-in-cheek. It's a state I'd actually like to go and visit myself sometime; while I gather there's not much there (about the only two things associated with the place I can think of myself are Mt Rushmore, and a big motorbike show that happens every year at Sturgis*), I've always been interested in places that are off the beaten track, and have a feeling that SD would be one of those places filled with a lot of "beautiful desolation", if you know what I mean. Ever been that way yourself?

*I also have the feeling it would've been one of those places with a lot of top secret nuclear facilities in it during the Cold War.

29 April, 2015 05:22  

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