06 March 2015

Video of the day -- the true roots of morality

Studies of babies are revealing that morality -- and our bias in favor of those similar to ourselves -- are inborn, not dependent on religion.  Found via Lady Atheist, who has much more on the subject.


Blogger Woody said...

The uploader has not made this video available in my country!
(at least that is the message shown when I try to view it here or at 'lady atheist')
Never fear, I'll do a little research and see what I can do.

07 March, 2015 15:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Gaah, I hate it when that happens. A lot of videos are uploaded to YouTube multiple times, though. I hope you find one that works.

I like your new avatar pic!

07 March, 2015 16:44  
Blogger Woody said...

Thanks, Infidel. A friend of mine, after a devilish logo for his personal photography business (JT photography), asked me, his baldest and handsomest friend to be the model. He took many pictures of me with those putty horns and dressed in a garbage bag.
Out of the many pics he took, that's not even the one he used for his business, but it's the one I choose to use for an avatar.
Wordpress changed my pic immediately, google took a fair while to adjust the image in my profile, oh well, shows how busy that industry is!

If that vid was uploaded by anyone to be available in my country, I'll find it - god damn it!

All the best,

07 March, 2015 23:05  

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