13 March 2015

Quote for the day -- hooligans

"In these times, we are faced with a new Republican outrage almost hourly. Tradition means nothing to them and the 'constitutional system' they so valiantly hail and self-righteously cite is but a plaything, as are the nation's security and general welfare — both of which they once pledged to defend on their sacred Bibles. There is no cheap political trick beneath them, no honor they refuse to trespass, no skullduggery unworthy of exploitation, and quite simply no bottom to their infamy and deceit. Every day we suspect they have finally hit some imaginary bottom, but they always surprise us.

"I no longer believe there is a bottom for these hooligans. Their disgraces are as endless as they are unfathomable. Indeed, their rolling disgraces are so predictable, I no longer even find merit in itemizing at any length the transgressions entailed or detailing the absurdities. I reckon that anyone who still fails to see these gangsters for what they are — naked buffoons of the worst sort of demagoguery — never will."

-- P M Carpenter, on the Republican letter to Iran


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

"I reckon that anyone who still fails to see these gangsters for what they are — naked buffoons of the worst sort of demagoguery — never will."

I'm afraid P.M. Carpenter is correct. I've read a number of TeaPublican blogs and their reactions are that it's 1) Obama's fault because he's a lawless president and continues to break the law (they never provide links or evidence for these assertions)and 2) they claim the liberals are overreacting and being dramatic, trying to make trouble where non exists. One special idiot said she read the letter and saw nothing false in it. This shows how stupid most of them are not to understand what their sabotage has done to America's reputation in the world and that what the 47 assholes did will affect Democratic AND Republican presidencies that try to negotiate anything with any other country.

I don't recognize these people anymore as Americans. I don't know what they are, what they believe, or what motivates them, other than rancid, destructive malice.

I refer to them as a Fifth Column.

13 March, 2015 14:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I call such folk who can not stand anyone but their own tribe (trademark pending) Krikketers (many thanks to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Douglas Adams).

Filth Column works too. :)


13 March, 2015 17:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Driftglass calks them the tribe that rubs shit in its hair. It's time to move on and accept them for what they are. They also have to be identified demographically so they can be politically neutralized.


14 March, 2015 18:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I agree with these comments. If they could the baggots would indeed purge the world of everything even slightly different from themselves. And then they'd destroy themselves because they'd still be just as full of bile and they'd have nothing left to turn it on except each other.

15 March, 2015 04:38  

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