29 March 2015

Link round-up for 29 March 2015

You have bean warned -- a "farticle" full of fart facts (found via Margin of Error).

I'm all four of these things.

A mentally-disturbed man from Canada has been seen trying to get into the White House (found via Republic of Gilead).

Brian Brown's real desk is probably a busted folding table he found in a junkyard.

I can't wait to sample Willie's Reserve.

If Reagan came back today, he'd wish he hadn't.

Here's an insightful Venn diagram of three professions.

Scott Walker waffles on illegal aliens, and heads explode across a lengthy RedState comment thread.

Yee hah, my city is number one!

Before there were all these faggots, America was Christian, and that's why slavery was so nice -- oh, and rape is caused by uppity women.

Green Eagle's latest Wingnut Wrapup includes a Gateway Pundit cover-up of some spectacular bullshit.

Stop worrying about the "decline" of marriage (found via GoodShit).

I really hope Nancy LeTourneau is right about this.

Religio-nutters predict gay marriage will lead to persecution of Christians and eventually revolution (yeah, we've seen that before).

Sam Brownback has a novel idea for economic stimulus -- forced childbirth (found via Republic of Gilead).

Why are we keeping Jose Chua Lopez out of the United States?

Sylvia Allen is perhaps the ultimate Republican.

Christians, please consider this -- and I think it will be well within our lifetime.

Activism can win real results, even in a red state.

See blog reports on Indiana's new "we don't serve your kind" law from Mock Paper Scissors, Progressive Eruptions, Earth-Bound Misfit (comments are revealing), Green Eagle, Squatlo Rant, and Republic of Gilead.  There are already signs of an economic backlash, and also sarcasm (found via Mendip).  Update:  More on the growing backlash, and an example of who supports the law.

Two posts that speak for me:  atheists have no duty to play nice with religious bigots, and when they hassle us, arguing with them is pointless.

Baggot Congresswoman issues call for Obamacare horror stories, gets swamped with replies.

What if all the energy Christian put into hating gays was put to constructive use? (found via Republic of Gilead)

Cruz will make the whole Republican Presidential field less viable.

Are Biblical marriages a good model for modern marriage?  Let's look at the record (found via Margin of Error).

Women in every demographic favor Hillary Clinton.

Bobby Jindal, once a Republican rising star, has imploded.

A simple test -- what kind of Christian are you?

The Christian Right now dominates the Republican party, and wants even firmer control (found via Republic of Gilead).

Minnesota and California exemplify the superiority of Democrats at governing.

Podemos, Spain's Syriza-like anti-austerity party, shows strength in regional elections.

The US war on drugs is devastating less-developed countries (found via GoodShit).

Catholic priest Josef Tiso was a fascist dictator, friend of Hitler, and accessory to mass murder -- and never faced disapproval from the Vatican.

US strategy in Iraq depends upon Iranian involvement (found via Margin of Error).

Persian New Year is celebrated at Crazy Eddie's Motie News and at Margin of Error, though inevitably there's one party-pooper on the scene.

Iran has let the genie of feminism out of the bottle (found via Margin of Error).

I haven't posted about the (US-supported) Saudi attack on Yemen's Houthi rebels, because Yemen isn't a country I know a lot about, but this overview sounds credible to me.  I will say I have a very bad feeling about this.

The Antarctic ice shelves are melting faster and faster, but at least there's some good news from Britain.


Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

And a belated Nowruz Mubarak to you, too! Thanks again for linking to my blog, which turned four years old on the Persian New Year.

Also, my wife brought up Portland having the highest number of non-religious Americans last night, saying "That's it, we have to move to Portland." If I didn't have tenure at a college here in Michigan, I'd start looking for jobs today.

Finally, did you know Governor Jindal studied biology at Brown and was accepted into a program that would have lead to medical school? That makes all his anti-evolution statements look more shameful and cynical. He has to know better!

29 March, 2015 10:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the post! I'm glad I live here myself -- aside from being so secular, the Oregon constitution has very strong protections for free expression, even stronger than the First Amendment. I can understand the appeal of tenure, though.

Jindal would have joined other Republican doctors with weird beliefs like Ben Carson and Ron Paul. I guess Republicanism trumps even a science-heavy education.

29 March, 2015 15:17  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

LOL! The first item? I hadn't gotten wind of that.

*ducks and runs out of the room*

All good stuff.

30 March, 2015 07:45  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

If you want to find out more about Yemen, two books I'd recommend are Yemen, Dancing on the Heads of Snakes, by Victoria Clark; and Yemen, Travels in Dictionary Land, by Tim Mackintosh-Smith. (Be aware, though, that, given all the changes that have occurred in that country just in the last few years, both books are probably already quite outdated. The second also tends to be rather purple in its prose, which may or may not be your thing.)

Funnily enough, given that I've read a bit about Yemen, I've allowed myself to become completely ignorant of what's going on there right now, so the two articles on that you linked to were an enlightening read.
Yemen's a bit of an odd country from what I've heard. It's an anomaly even in its own part of the world, being, for example, the only country on the Arabian Peninsula not flush with oil money, and also, apparently, a country whose inhabitants practice a version of Islam found nowhere else in the world (in the same way, its near neighbours across the Red Sea in Ethiopia are said to practice a form of Christianity very different from all others). From what I understand, it's a lot like Afghanistan, being a mountainous nation that's seldom been conquered (Egypt apparently tried in the 1960s, and ended up doing about as well as the Soviets did in Afghanistan), and whose people are very tribal.

30 March, 2015 08:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Heh.

Zosimus: Thanks for the suggestions. The similarity with Afghanistan had occurred to me. Given what I've heard over the years about the competence of the Saudi military, it wouldn't surprise me if their intervention in Yemen winds up resembling the US experience in Vietnam.

31 March, 2015 03:51  

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