15 March 2015

Link round-up for 15 March 2015

Crows in Seattle bring presents to a girl who feeds them.

Convert now and get 15% off!

Maybe there's a reason why zombies are such a popular concept these days.


This frattard is "heartbroken" that people think she's racist because she sang a song featuring abundant use of "nigger".  More frat freakery here.

This cartoon says it all.

Hey, Biden's a pretty cool guy.

Take risks.

When Obama's no longer President, this should be his next job.

Are the baggots finally starting to devour each other?  Even in Congress?

Here's one assessment of the Hillary e-mail kerfluffle. Among 2016 Presidential contenders, she's the best-known and best-liked.

A chaplain gets demoted for criticizing American Sniper.

You're not imagining things -- Republicans really are getting crazier.

Being gay is worse than murder or genocide, so obviously gays should be executed.  Ultimately it's all about self-righteousness.

There's a specific reason why Democrats lose some winnable elections.

Jeb Bush's newest senior adviser is a flaming religious bigot.

PZ Myers fisks a really awful song.

Scott Walker's anti-union Wisconsin is losing jobs to Democratic-run Minnesota.  Let's hope it doesn't end up like this.

Books help a woman embrace her sexuality as it is, not as others try to dictate that it should be.

The spirit of Wallace in the schoolhouse door lives on in Alabama.

Here's an overview of how legal marijuana is working out in Colorado (found via GoodShit).  In Texas, even some Republicans are getting with the program.

The Iran letter is part of a broader pattern of right-wing subversion.

Religious freedom now means cheating abuse victims.

Obama's Selma speech and Republican absenteeism highlight the contrast between the parties.  Some wanted to send a stronger message.

A Breitbart story on Ferguson brings a vomitous outpouring of racism to the surface.

The Tennessee state senate has its priorities

It's dawning on some Republicans that that Iran letter was a stupid idea, while others try to minimize it as "light-hearted" and "cheeky".  Iranian foreign minister Javâd Zarîf's response is winning some fans in the US.  Joe Biden comments at length.  Progressive Eruptions has a collection of responses, and more here.  And here's a liberal Iranian view.

We still can't accomplish what Norway did in 1912.  Then there's this.

Ahmed al-Jumaili left Iraq for someplace really dangerous.

Mosaddegh and Allende would have laughed too.

The euro common currency condemns Europe to slow, grinding misery.

A statue in Italy's Campo de Fiori honors Giordano Bruno, who was burned for heresy there in 1600 (found via GoodShit).

Mexico's ex-President calls for sanity in the war on drugs, but will Americans listen?

Being a war refugee in Ukraine is no fun, especially if you're gay.

Iranian conservatives contemplate new laws to push women back into traditional roles.

Iraqi forces are beating ISIS in Tikrît.

A reminder that there's another regime almost as bad as ISIS.

A filmmaker made a documentary on India's rape problem.  India banned it.  And they're serious.

The Chinese regime's growing repression masks serious signs of instability.

The newly-discovered Ganymede ocean annoys creationists.

Finally, some good news on global warming.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I published the Cotton cartoon, with attribution, on my blog. It fit perfectly with the Danzinger cartoon already there.

The link to Giordano Bruno was especially appreciated, since each time I visited Rome, I made a special trip to see the memorial to this brave man.

It's not too far a stretch to believe that the current anti-science Trogs in the TeaPublican party would do the same today, if they could, to all who speak of climate change and global warming.

Another excellent line-up of links. Thanks.

15 March, 2015 08:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks! I love the caricatures of Republicans in that cartoon, especially McConnell.

I believe there was actually some effort to prosecute climate scientists in Virginia under the McDonnell administration (though my memory's hazy on the details). Combine the Republicans' anti-science and "Christian nation" mania with the Dominionists' talk about bringing back Old Testament punishments, and it's not far-fetched at all.

The creationists wouldn't need to worry about the implications of oceans on Jupiter's moons if they could go back to claiming those moons don't exist :-)

15 March, 2015 09:40  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Once again, thanks for linking to my entry on 21st Century monsters. I'm glad you liked it.

15 March, 2015 11:23  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for the link read Infidel, as far as the bird's bringing gifts to the Seattle kid ... it makes sense, even other animal's understand responsibility and sharing ... it's kinda like natural balanced trade and good business too! (something that is lacking in part's of human society, with it's unbalanced extreme greed).

Yeah ... didnt know the full story, but there has been alot of talk here in Dallas about this frat lullaby or whatever they were singing with the so called "N-word" ... I havent listened to it yet though (I'll need to get a pocket dictionary to get what all the word's are these dayz ... such as N-word, B-word, C- word, Q- word, R- word, P- word, M-word, etc, etc). Whether any of these folks are racist or not in their personal feeling toward's folk's of a different race dont matter as much as when you do these lil song's or whatever and it's made public ... dont whine at the response, what are people supposed to think? it just continuously feed's the race face deal, I dont feel sorry for none of them or these lil soon to be college yuppie- puppies that get a kick out of this.

16 March, 2015 05:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Pinku: Thanks for the post!

Ranch: Thing is, fraternities are for people in college, right? How is it possible to be pursuing higher education and not be aware of an extremely basic fact like "using the word 'nigger' will get you in a shitload of trouble"?

17 March, 2015 05:40  
Blogger Comrade Misfit said...

Thanks for the link (both here and on C&L)!


17 March, 2015 08:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the post! It's a point people need to hear.

17 March, 2015 18:17  

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