02 January 2015

Video of the day -- a wise man

Almost a decade after his ruthlessly honest and truthful The God Delusion helped fire up what is now called New Atheism, Richard Dawkins remains the most prominent atheist thinker and one of the most forceful.

I'm struck by the fact that, when asked about the main remaining unsolved questions in biology, Dawkins immediately cited my own candidate for the last big scientific mystery left:  What is consciousness?


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Rational answers to good questions. I still have my copy of "The God Delusion," even after lending it out to dozens of family members and friends.

03 January, 2015 08:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

We're lucky to have him. Thank you for helping spread the word.

04 January, 2015 15:00  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the video here of the Doctor, because I havent seen this one yet. I like Dawkins because of his common sense approach to explaining life as we have to where it is easy to understand for someone like myself who dont have formal background/ education in much, and the fact that he doesnt come off as a snob, pretty basic dude actually, but I alwayz liked him. I myself like him dont debate with folks over concepts of God, creation or similar, at my age too, its a pointless waste of time, like trying to debate if global warming was contributed to by human activity ... its just pointless trying to talk to these folks, I know so well, I live in Texas and been around quite a few creationists types ... when they talk I just say "Yup!" ... if they ask my belief's, I just say "Nope". I couldnt help laughing at the last part of this video when the Doctor was reading his hate mail ... I mean ... the way he read it sounded kind of funny and made me laugh! The nerve of some of these people to say that he is nuts, or his head is twisted on wrong or whatever else ... do they realie what their sayin? Anywayz ....

06 January, 2015 04:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

And those things are what make him so good at what he does. He's brilliant but also good at communicating to a wide audience.

I love that "hate mail" video. He doesn't get scared or angry when semi-literate idiots send him nasty messages, he uses it as an occasion for humor.

06 January, 2015 04:51  

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