04 January 2015

Link round-up for 4 January 2015

XKCD explores fairy demographics.

Intrepid sheep reporter Ramm Stein reports from the Global Gathering of Ironic Mansplaining (found via Republic of Gilead).

Murr Brewster takes a funny-but-disturbing look at the new Congress.

Some (mostly) right-wing types analyze my personality based on my Blogger profile.  But I seem to have a few supporters.

Can furniture be romantic?  You be the judge.

Where would Abraham be today?

Something else for the fundies to screech about:  lesbianism is catching on big among teenage girls in the US.

Creationist Ray Comfort isn't just stupid about evolution -- he's even stupider about gravity.

Neil Gaiman wishes you a happy new year full of mistakes (found via Snowstorm Thirteen (NSFW tumblr)).

Conservative criticism of the film industry has a long history.  And this attitude about cultural evolution still exists.

Why is Ayn Rand still a thing?

Teddy Roosevelt got "small government" right over a century ago.

Pro-police conservatives are hypocrites.

Republic of Gilead is running in-depth coverage of the Vatican's anti-gay, anti-cultural-pluralist Humanum Conference, including Pope Francis's opening speech, an affirmation of narrow and naïve dogma about marriage, some more of the same, and a message of support from the world's most homophobic culture.

Hrafnkell Haraldsson looks at right-wing claims of liberal intolerance in 2014.

This posting by a pastor on why people are abandoning Christianity (found via Republic of Gilead) is insightful enough, but what really tells the story is the comments, which quickly descend into exactly the kind of bickering over theological minutiae that the author says is driving people away -- and stays there even when a few commenters point this out.

Americans overwhelmingly favor more green energy and less fossil-fuel and nuclear.

Sorry, the penalty for almost ruining an innocent person's life needs to be far harsher than 35 days in jail.

Green Eagle's last Wingnut Wrapup of 2014 shows no let-up in teh crayzee.

Pastor wises up and dumps Christianity, Christians froth with rage -- here is a much better insight (both found via Republic of Gilead).

Whatever happened to the great right-wing moron Ebola panic?

Leaked NSA documents show how to keep your communications safe from the NSA.

Americans' choice of most admired woman and man offer little comfort to teabaggerdom.

That Florida CEO who claimed he'd have to fire people if Obama were re-elected is having a great year.

The history of Christmas is intertwined with the religious savagery of the English civil war.

Islamotard hackers attacked a bus timetable website in the small British city of Bristol because -- well, see for yourself.

Why does the British Parliament still privilege top members of this vanishing cult?

The Irish Atheist has six reasons why gay people should leave Christianity.

With government electronic snooping on private citizens a growing problem, Iceland makes a bid to become "the Switzerland of data security".

Iraqis are now confident that ISIS will be defeated this year, with ongoing American and Iranian help.  Meanwhile, ISIS has published a handy book of Islamic advice for mothers.

I knew this was going to happen -- in India, after the militant-Hindu BJP's election victory last year, Christians and Muslims face harassment and coerced conversion.

Kenya's electrical power system is threatened by vandals stealing transformer fluid to fry food with.

Ebola cases in west Africa have passed the 20,000 mark.

Here's what tears look like in close-up, showing surprising variation.

Birth control has many benefits beyond the obvious.

2014 was a year of remarkable scientific achievements (found via Progressive Eruptions).


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

"Guru Clapyarhans Sen Singh" from Sheep Dip.

Coffee all over screen! Made an otherwise dull, dreary, Sunday morning very belly-laugh worthy.

04 January, 2015 09:30  
Blogger Ahab said...

Thank you for the multiple shout-outs! Here's to a 2015 filled with great Sunday link round-ups.

04 January, 2015 10:07  
Blogger Unknown said...

So happy to have found your blog. It is another breath of fresh air. That Ramm Stein truly is one intrepid sheep reporter. Thanks for the shout out!

04 January, 2015 14:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Most of the names in that piece repay careful reading :-)

Ahab: And thank you for all the solid posts you write keeping us informed about these legions of lunatics.

George: Thanks! Sheep Dip is an amusing commentary on the times -- I'll be back.

04 January, 2015 15:00  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just was browsing through some of your stuff here ... it's the first I heard about the transformer cooking oil thing in Kenya, Texas has this cultural thing about deep frying everything (long story), dont want them to get wind of it here, or they will try it, and the poor will use it to put in their car since it holds up like "Slick 50" or similar (nope, I dont eat fried foods {: ) Furniture IS romantic (at least for me and my partners it's been over the years, nothing like presenting an attractive environment/ chamber for your partner)... I was even watching some birds build these elaborate surroundings once in a tree to attract the female, and she sure as Hell seemed to like it! Last time I tried to comment on here it wouldnt go through, maybe this time it will ... Thank You for the read, and Happy New Year

05 January, 2015 04:08  
Blogger Unknown said...

So that's what passes for debate? "Yeah, he's a faggot"? Wow. On the plus side, some people defended you there. I have to admit, I wasn't clear what was being said much of the time. Some of the things made no sense at all like "OP = infidel753.nli" -- or whatever it was.

Interesting that on the other one the guy equated religion and rectitude. Who in the hell could possibly believe that religion implies rectitude? If you think God of Abraham tells you to kill your son, you are supposed to do it. This is the William Lane Craig argument that anything God does is by definition good. If that's the case, why on earth would anyone worship such a being? It flips the notion of goodness on its head. Seeing comments like that makes me despair for the world. (Not that I wasn't already.)

05 January, 2015 10:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: You can get nightmares learning about how food is sometimes prepared in countries without proper regulation. And a lot of toxins are slow-acting, so Kenyans may not even realize the harm they're doing themselves until its too late.

That bed set-up could well be romantic to the right sort of person. The posters in that thread, not so much.

Frank: I like reminding people of the mental level a lot of the opposition operates on. It explains why our efforts at elaborate logical argument sometimes fall flat.

"OP = Infidel753.nli" means "Original poster = Infidel753 not logged in." The person was accusing me of anonymously starting that thread myself as an attention-getting device. It wasn't me, though. The use of acronyms like that is part (though only a small part) of the emerging internet dialect I call "hyper-modern English". I've got a blog post in the works about it.

I'm surprised that someone on that guy's mental level even knows a word like "rectitude", but I doubt he knows the nuances of its meaning. He's just reacting reflexively to seeing his tribal symbols disrespected.

06 January, 2015 04:59  

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