27 November 2014

Turkey cremations

Be thankful that you don't live next door to these jive turkeys -- unless you do!


Blogger Ahab said...

Okay, either these people forgot to thaw the turkey, or they overfilled the pot with oil. Just bake the @#$% thing! It's safer.

If deep frying turkeys is too dangerous, people can always serve these bizarre dishes for Thanksgiving:


27 November, 2014 13:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I suspect machismo plays a role. Somewhere out there right now, somebody's probably cooking a turkey with a flamethrower.

Turkey cake? Turkey soda? Barf.

27 November, 2014 14:32  
Anonymous Bacopa said...

I should point out that deep frying a turkey is the most energy efficient way to cook a whole turkey. The fried turkey trend started among Cajuns in SW Louisiana and East Texas over thirty years ago. Cajuns are almost innately knowledgeable about issues of liquid displacement and never make these mistakes.

Deep fried whole turkey is a variation on fried alligator tail. Gator tail has no intramuscular fat and becomes hard as a rock if you roast it. Quick frying in hot oil is one of the few ways it is edible.

28 November, 2014 16:39  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

I never tried deep-frying a turkey, but did BBQ one a number of years ago in the big Weber. The problem was my brother-and-law and I were battling it out on a home networked PC game of "Duke Nukem" and.. well time got away from me a bit.

My wife poked her head into the den asking if the BBQ was supposed to be smoking that much! I ran to the back porch, lifted the lid on the BBQ; when the air hit that bird it went up completely in flames.

I figured it was a total loss and was going to throw it out but after removing the Cajun blacked skin we found it was fairly edible. Thankfully my wife had the foresight to have also cooked a "backup turkey" the conventional way in the oven.

But my daughter each year still talks about the day dad set the turkey on fire.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

29 November, 2014 17:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I bet the wives of a lot of the guys in those videos know from experience that a "backup turkey" would be a good idea. Probably a "backup house", too.

30 November, 2014 05:02  

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