05 October 2014

Link round-up for 5 October 2014

I guess this weather is more climate change?  But the real bad headline of the week is this.

The Pope is a nut.

Faye Kane looks at how Star Trek went down the tubes (NSFW blog).

Hey, I'm immortal.

What's so loud you can hear it thousands of miles away?

Republic of Gilead is covering the 2014 Values Voters Summit -- intro here, extensive quotes from the deranged speakers here and here.

Math is an evil liberal plot!

Misogynistic religious assholes cause trouble on an airliner.

This person will vote.  Will you?

Uri Geller is back and still full of shit.

Jobsanger looks at a recent survey on religion and politics in the US.  (Interesting that majorities of blacks view homosexuality as a sin and oppose gay marriage, but still oppose discrimination against gay married couples.)

As if we needed it, here's more confirmation that Jesus never existed.

It's tough for a married lesbian to get a driver's license in Texas.

Humans don't, and shouldn't, have an expiration date.

Michael Tomasky argues that the Christian Right is a dying force (found via Republic of Gilead).

Colorado teachers protest right-wing efforts to warp history.

The key to next month's election will be getting out the vote.

Here's another shooting that won't be publicized on anti-gun blogs, and another one.  Sorry, I see no valid argument that it would have been better for these people to be unarmed.

Gay marriage is the latest issue dividing Republicans.

The International House of Prayer seduces followers with childish power fantasies.

Some progressive blogs work against realizing progressive goals.

Ayn Rand was a proto-fascist, and a rather strange one.

Here's a salute with no coffee cup.

Can Republican promises be trusted?  Let's look at recent history.

No, there's no reason to worry about Ebola in the US.  More myths dispelled here.

The Irish Atheist looks at the "Left Behind" books.

Which Europeans could you talk with?

Amid rising anti-Semitism in Europe, Sweden backstabs Israel.

The selfie craze has become a thing on the Islamic-pilgrimage scene, and clerics are grumpy about it.

Muslims in Britain condemn the ISIS/Islamic State murder of aid worker Alan Henning, while the jihadists commit more atrocities on the way to the town of Kobani.

Rosa Rubicondior has religion news from Iran, India, and the US.

The daughter of Hong Kong's hated Chief Executive isn't helping matters.

Latest panic from the Ebola outbreak zone:  zombies.  The local hospitals are much scarier.

The Amazon jungle is fueled by dead fish from Africa.

Neither plant nor animal, these strange-looking life forms are fellow natives of Earth.

Coral guard-crabs illustrate the kind of sophisticated behavior natural selection can produce.


Country other than the US from which I got the most page views this week: Ukraine.


Anonymous Bacopa said...

The counting up method of subtraction is exactly the same as the old-timey method of counting back change at a cash register. If a conservative had decided this should be the way kids should learn subtraction, they would emphasize this connection to traditional ways.

Also, Texas DPS used to accept name changes on out of state same sex marriage licenses. Some asshole bureaucrat seems to have ordered that DPS offices should reject them fairly recently. I have been trying to find out who and when. I want NAMES!

05 October, 2014 10:30  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Interesting topic regarding Gene Roddenberry and how the Star Trek franchise has deviated over the years from his original vision. Through the production quality was crude, the original Trek dealt with several human interest topics and controversial issues.

But it was TNG where I enjoyed some of the most compelling scripts. Several of these episodes remain in my memory, whereas I can not recall the story line of a single DS9 or Enterprise or other Trek spin-off series. When I initially got my Netflix account, the very first DVDs I rented were select TNG episodes I wanted to watch again.

05 October, 2014 13:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So CBS can advertise tea Billie stupidity as much as they like, but when Reagan's son wants to speak his mind there's a problem with tone. Our joke of a media isn't fooling anybody. We need to set up new media frameworks. But there has to be a way to keep looney tunes away from the mic.


05 October, 2014 14:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Bacopa: I doubt he's aware of any method other than using a calculator -- if he can even do that.

As for the DPS change, I'm sure it's some fundie. They're all pretty much the same, names or no names.

Robert: I didn't see all the episodes of TNG, but I remember some good ones, such as "The Host" and "Yesterday's Enterprise". TNG had a bigger budget and probably hired better writers, though there were some excellent TOS episodes such as "The Doomsday Machine".

I didn't see much of the subsequent variants, and "reboots" leave me cold. Based on what Faye says, I ddin't miss much.

05 October, 2014 16:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

The good stuff.

05 October, 2014 17:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

More good stuff.

05 October, 2014 18:18  

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