26 October 2014

Link round-up for 26 October 2014

Murr Brewster looks at Obama's sinister Ebola conspiracy.

A pastor asks why young people don't go to church, and gets an earful in response.

This haunted house had one impressively realistic prop (found via Mendip).

Memories, memories.....

Here's how religious freedom works.

A regular patron of prostitutes explains why he visits them.

Spirit Day, October 18, is a day against bullying, so of course the Christian Right has to act against it.

Republicans want real leadership.

Ebola hype is just one more case of the American addiction to irrational fear.

Investigators expose horrors at a pig farm (found via GoodShit).

Green Eagle reports from a desultory anti-Obama rally in Los Angeles.

Godawful fundamentalist movies aren't doing their creators any favors (found via Republic of Gilead).

Here are some examples of how the media distort coverage of politics.

This loony may soon become Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

If you're thinking of donating to the White Ribbon campaign against violence against women, read this and check your URLs.

Republican historical revisionism drives Colorado voters to the Democrats.

Don't let Joni Ernst's interest in pig castration distract you from her dangerous extremism.

Religious nutters fight against developing an Ebola vaccine.

Here's more on the massive decline of religion in the UK.

The EU gives a huge bill to the British government, and an election issue to Nigel Farage.

There seems to be a real struggle going on within the Vatican.  But God still hates fags.

Iranians protest en masse against a series of acid attacks on women.

Green Eagle looks at a Palestinian hero.

Now this is scenery.

Natalia Gaintseva went out to get a fur coat, and came back with something much better.

Worst beauty contest ever.

Here's a honkin' huge spider in South America.

A Nigerian artist joins the fight against Ebola.

If God hates fags, what about lesbian lizards?

New data verify that exercise can improve mental function in the elderly.

The brain makes use of chaotic activity (found via GoodShit).

If you're losing interest in sex, the problem may be in your bathroom (found via Mendip).

How important is race?  This diagram will give you an idea.

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Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Argh! That spider! I know they play an important role in the ecosystem (and I'm actually rather fond of creepy-crawlies in general), but I just can't come at spiders (unless they're really small; then I think they're sort of cute). I don't kill them if I don't have to (if I find one inside, I'll do my best to trap it and release it outdoors), but my attitude to them tends to be, "Stay away from me, and I'll return the favour!" Not sure how I'd react to one the size of that birdeater - I think I'd leave it well alone!

26 October, 2014 05:36  
Blogger Ahab said...

WRONG! That ... is a piglet. And it's adorable.

26 October, 2014 09:47  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Some pig!

And I wouldn't go near the link on the spider!

26 October, 2014 18:37  

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