12 October 2014

Link round-up for 12 October 2014

Today is the birthday of a great philosopher and con man.

Earth-Bound Misfit is collecting for a worthy cause.

Here are some pretty cool CGI landscapes.

Yes, there is such a thing as a carnivorous potato.

What if everything were antimatter except us?

This black Republican is having a really busy day.

Bored with 9/11 and the Moon landings?  Here's a new conspiracy theory (found via Mendip).

The police have sure changed (found via Ranch Chimp).

A Bible-spouting wacko shoots at a gay couple for holding hands.

Less-religious people are more compassionate.

If you want to know why Democrats sometimes lose winnable elections, read this, all of it.

Same crime, different sentences (found via Squatlo Rant).

Obama is too dictatorial, except when he's not dictatorial enough.

Here's an example of news you'll miss if you don't read blogs.

Texas is changing.

Huckabee:  "You guys need to do more fag-bashing or I'm outta here."  And he's not alone (found via Republic of Gilead).

These people exist (scroll down a bit).  And so do these people.

The Governor of Oklahoma believes in the sanctity of marriage, except when it's her own.

Could it be that our financial regulators are at last actually doing something?

Train your teenager in simplistic, shameful thinking.

Yeesh, the Koch brothers really are slimy.  And is McConnell normally this incoherent?

The recent Supreme Court non-action on gay marriage may drive more fundies to the polls, but it's still worth it.

Obama sums up what's at stake in this election.

It's not just the Catholics and not just little kids -- Lady Atheist has a round-up of Christian youth abuse from many sects, around the world.

An ex-Muslim dissects Ben Affleck's silly apologetics for Islam (I've noticed that people with solid knowledge of Islam usually side with Maher and Harris in that argument, while those with superficial knowledge, who view the issue mostly through the prism of American domestic politics, side with Affleck).  Some more reality here.

The Vatican offers up more of its usual bullshit on its child-molestation scandals.

Celebrate Britain's dullest men (found via Mendip).

Russian entrepreneurs vote with their feet.

One prominent Western politician is strangely popular in India (found via Mendip).

A new Japanese official history whitewashes Hirohito.

Idiotic superstitions in Taiwan make it hard for old people to find homes.

A Bulgarian living in Bandung, Indonesia causes an uproar by calling it "the city of pigs", but it looks like she has a point.

The death toll from the Ebola outbreak has surpassed 4,000.  Here are some sober facts about the disease (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Malaria and sickle-cell anemia illustrate the subtleties of how natural selection affects gene distribution.

The oceans are warming up faster than expected, while conservatives just keep on lying.

35,000 walruses have a message for the denialists -- more photos here.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Those damned potatoes! I've never trusted them.

12 October, 2014 06:22  
Blogger Ahab said...

Hey! It's Aleister Crowley! His birthday would be a lovely day to brave the Abyss and summon Choronzon, don't you think?

As for Fields of Faith, I followed the link from Lady Atheist's post to the Star Press article, and it was a doozy. Black-and-white thinking, unhealthy repression, hinting that faith can fix depression, bad grammar -- what a circus!

I was especially offended by Peter Heck's assertion that non-Christians have no "fixed point of reference in their lives." Has he ever interacted with non-Christians? Did it ever occur to him that they might find moral compasses and meaning in other ways? Ugh.

12 October, 2014 09:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Heh.

Ahab: I'll be summoning Choronzon later -- dude owes me a visit. As for Heck's nonsense, check out the link about less-religious people and compassion too -- as usual the truth is the opposite of what the Godtard says.

12 October, 2014 10:40  
Blogger Unknown said...

I don't think that's really a new conspiracy theory. It's just an evolution of the "Paul is dead" theory. I also question whether anyone who claims "this is serious" really is. But I'm usually wrong about this stuff. There is so much that I want to believe is satire that unfortunately is not. Of course, when I was in college, I saw a lecture by a "Paul is dead" theorist, and it was pretty clear that he didn't think Paul was actually dead; he just thought it was great fun finding "clues." What's more, I don't see any down side to Beatles conspiracy theories. I have seen terrible effects on people's lives of other conspiracy theories like chemtrails. I really hate people who push them.

12 October, 2014 15:06  
Blogger Woody said...

It's easy for me to believe that non-religious people are more compassionate.
Racism and the secret desire to be rid of all other religions were both mine when I was younger and called myself a 'Christian'.

12 October, 2014 19:37  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

I read all of "What's Really Wrong with America's Political System" September 24 blog and the thoughtful responses of commenter, Walter Jameson. The topic brings to mind my retired buddy's short tenure volunteering with the local county Democratic committee. He ended up resigning, unable to wedge the ultra-liberal thinking into considering that alienating moderates does NOT help your party win elections.

I commented earlier this year about my disgust at being essentially sold-out by our current governor; and when I say sold out, I mean that his actions specifically cost me a reduction in income as a public employee retiree. As much as my hand might cramp up, I will probably fill in the bubble for Kitsrobber over the anti-choice Medford Mormon. Hold my nose and vote for the lesser of the two evils.

What seriously worries me, however, are the other sleight-of-hand tactics by the GOP; gerrymandering and voter suppression legislation. And, voter apathy which tends to fall more prevalently within Democratic voters than Republicans.

One small ray of brightness; the marijuana imitative looks good for passing this year.

12 October, 2014 22:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Frank: Unfortunately the absurdity of an idea is no indicator of the sincerity of its adherents. I've seen much nuttier ideas than that being pushed in utter seriousness.

Woody: One only has to look at the kind of politics favored by fundamentalists in the US. It's all about exclusion and keeping others down.

Robert: It's sometimes maddening what the leaders we support do or fail to do. But unfortunately it's true -- if even more maddening -- that the only real alternative is worse. People who think refusing to vote for mediocre Democrats will push the party to the left are delusional. It has never had that effect (the Nader debacle in 2000 didn't push the party to the left) -- all it ever does is get Republicans elected.

14 October, 2014 03:38  

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