21 September 2014

Link round-up for 21 September 2014

The world of memes reacts to Scotland's decision (found via Mendip).

Everything is evidence of Obama's perfidy, including tiny spy robots that don't exist.  And vegetarianism is evil liberal brainwashing.

The conservative war on education just never stops.  Our best hope may be Satanists (sent by Mendip), especially if Obama is Satan.

Kaveh Mousavi reviews the book Does God Hate Women?  Certainly fundamentalists' bizarre view of relationships facilitates domestic violence.

America's 99% isn't keeping up.

I support individual soldiers' right to have and express religious beliefs, but just imagine how this video could be used by jihadists to smear Western military intervention in the Middle East as a Christianizing crusade (from Shaw Kenawe).

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks at Yale despite a campaign to stop her which, shamefully, some craven and cowardly atheists and liberals supported (found via Kaveh Mousavi).

A Republican laments the weakness of both teabagger and establishment candidates.

William Lane Craig exemplifies the horrifying implications of God-centered morality.

A gang of armed thugs openly plans to intimidate black voters in Wisconsin.

The Economist talks sense on prostitution, as politicians and moral busybodies go off yet another deep end.

If you think voting doesn't change anything, you're an idiot.

A planned libertarian Utopia ignominiously implodes before it even gets started.

Muslim scholars in Britain appeal to ISIS/Islamic State to release a British hostage. Muslim leaders worldwide have been condemning ISIS, even if the MSM haven't mentioned it.

Germany's Euroskeptic party shows gains in state elections.

A morbid fascination with Chernobyl inspires risky infiltrations of the site (found via Mendip).

The dancers in the "Tehran Happy" video (here) get sentenced to prison and flogging, fortunately suspended, while a blogger who "insulted the prophet" is sentenced to death.

ISIS/Islamic State tries to Islamize education in Mosul, but much of the public is defiant.

An Ebola education team is massacred in Guinea.

Here's an odd-looking critter.

The cries of babies reveal how closely related all mammals are.

Mice equipped with the human gene for language ability (yes, we can do that now) are quicker learners than other mice.


Country other than the US from which I got the most page views this week:  France.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

All great, but that video of the siphonophore is a winnah!

21 September, 2014 08:20  
Blogger mendip said...

I absolutely love the Galt Gulch story, and them accepting bitcoins - fake money for fake property!

21 September, 2014 10:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: The sea is full of weird critters.

Mendip: And based on what could be considered a fake novel, or at least a failed attempt at one.

22 September, 2014 18:24  

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