24 August 2014

Link round-up for 24 August 2014

Hey, it looks like Republic of Gilead is back to active blogging!

When you gotta scratch, you gotta scratch.

Check out these photos that were improved by animals.

Oklahoma City's Catholic Archbishop had been planning to sue a devil-worship cult over a cracker (and we think the Pastafarians are silly).

Don't shoot!

If you don't think gerrymandering has much impact, take a look at this (found via Politics Plus).

Frank Moraes explains why the Boy Scouts have always bothered him (my take is that any society where you see children in uniforms has something wrong with it).

Here's what would happen if Obama found a cure for cancer (found via Squatlo Rant).

The atheist tone police need to STFU.

Krugman nails it (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

That video supposedly showing Michael Brown robbing a store actually may not show that at all (found via Progressive Eruptions).  Despite what a bunch of crank right-wing sites like Fox reported, Officer Wilson did not suffer a fractured eye socket.  Green Eagle's Wingnut Wrapup has more, along with the usual insanity.

Obamacare is becoming an electoral asset for Democrats.

19-month-old Bounkham Phonesavah is the latest victim of police incompetence and excessive force.

Here's why Hillary talks like a neocon (NSFW blog).

The California drought just gets worse and worse.

Rand Paul could destroy the Republicans.

"We don't serve fags here."

Purity-crazed conservatives are channeling Jack D. Ripper.

Only one President in US history had a criminal record when he took office, and it worked out about as well as you'd expect.

Right-wing fantasies of revolt against an oppressive government have a basis in reality, but not where they think.

McConnell promises more government shutdowns if the Republicans take the Senate -- thus proving he's an idiot.

The beaches of Cornwall are awash in.....Lego?

London is looking great, by night and by day.

Police just killed a man in Iceland -- the first time that has ever happened in that country.

Some of the unaccompanied minors the US has deported back to Central America have already been murdered there.

Putin backs down again, pulling his "aid convoy" out of Ukraine.

Pakistan's small Hindu minority suffers forced conversions and worse.

In the latest example of Saudi barbarity, a woman who called the religious police liars gets fifty lashes.

In Liberia, police open fire on rioters protesting a clumsily-imposed Ebola quarantine.  This preacher responds to the disease with the usual bullshit.

This is surprisingly well done: 40 maps that explain the Roman Empire.

There's a story going around that an ancient Neanderthal skull with a bullet hole in it has been discovered (found via Mendip), but it isn't a bullet hole, and the skull isn't Neanderthal.

The Ediacarans, Earth's first multi-cellular life forms, show how evolution bridged the gap between simple and complex.


Blogger Ahab said...

The Frankly Curious post on "purity" was enlightening. As I recall, an obsession with purity (alongside apocalyptic rhetoric, violence, black and white morality, and demonization of opponents) is a marker of extremism as well. Fascism and extremism are kissing cousins, it seems.

24 August, 2014 09:28  
Blogger Unknown said...

The "Obama Cures Cancer" cartoon actually made me choke on the McCain part. It is sadly true. But I've been thinking more and more that it is all planned. By attacking Obama as a Kenyan socialist, the right makes people like Thomas Frank who think Obama is a good deal too conservative to sound like loons--or at least to be treated as such in the mainstream media.

I know what you mean about uniforms on kids. Just the same, I really have tried to hate the Girl Scouts, but I can't. In the past they have been less than perfect. But they really are great now. I've been planning a companion piece on them.

Speaking of a piece I have been thinking about writing: the guy the doctors cured of Ebola said it was thanks to God's grace or some such. I understand casual language, but what does that say? God cares about rich Americans who get the best medical care, but he doesn't care about poor Africans who get little or no care? I know he didn't mean to be offensive. But that's the problem with thinking God is blessing you. And that's a big part of the problem with modern conservatism: the idea that the rich are morally superior to the poor.

24 August, 2014 21:47  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

One of your last link round- up's I was viewing yesterday about Portland being one of the most livable cities or whatever. It doesnt suprise me a bit ... also ... I have a neighbour who just had to spend a couple week's in Portland and Seattle both back to back on a work assignment, he absolutely loved Portland, yet described Seattle as a city of snob's (he is Puerto Rican/ NY Rican from the South Bronx NYC, but lives in Dallas now), but he told me that folk's in Seattle seem so stuck- up and very different from Portland. I havent been to Seattle, but of course been to Portland, and Portland is absolutely great as far as a place to live IMO, and a really nice arts/ music scene too. I had buddies though who were musician's who played PDX and Seattle, including Mark MC 900 Jesus, Joe Christ ... even Jason musician/ artist you met here in Dallas, Chris Flowers, Turner/ Ministry and others, and ALL told me how they liked and preferred PDX over Seattle time and again. The atmoshere in Portland is probably also the most laid back that I have experienced in any major American city ... it just has a very welcoming and unique atmosphere. Your fortunate to live there.

26 August, 2014 01:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch. It's a good place. I don't know Seattle well enough to compare them, though.

26 August, 2014 03:32  

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