17 August 2014

Link round-up for 17 August 2014

I've driven across this bridge hundreds of times.  Always made me nervous.

Piss on the building, and the building will piss on you.

No, the Rapture is not a good enough reason to skip education, even in Texas.

Stupidest movie ever.

Can't get a girlfriend?  Try this.  It will soon be normal.

What's the most-spoken language in your state after English and Spanish?

Texas blog Brains and Eggs has some reactions to the Perry indictment.

This woman's virginity fixation ruined her wedding night.

Behold the white-supremacist paradise.

Gin and Tacos looks at class hierarchy and incarceration in the US.

Republican rule in the modern South has parallels with the sabotage of Reconstruction in the 1870s.

On F169, I debate the merits of "white culture" and my home city.

Are people fleeing gay marriage?  Not really.

A teabagger campaign against "liberal" judges fizzles in Tennessee.

Here's the biggest reason why we must prevent a Republican President in 2016.

"Knockout" is still going, the latest victim being a pregnant New Yorker.

The latest Republican dirty trick is fake news sites attacking Democrats (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Politics Plus, Squatlo Rant, and The Immoral Minority comment on the Ferguson crisis, while Green Eagle points out how we know who's at fault.  The cops are militarized, but incompetently militarized (link from commenter Vic78).

Don't be fooled by Rand Paul, he's nuttier than most Republicans.

Learn the meaning of the "rape trees" now appearing along the US-Mexico border.

PZ Myers is hanging out in Yorkshire, which has moors.

There's a surreal, natural blue wonderland in Belgium.

Italy's only hope of returning to prosperity is to abandon the euro currency.  France is already flatly defying EU austerity edicts.

Maryam Mirzâkhâni is the first woman and the first Iranian to win the prestigious Fields Medal in mathematics.  So of course the Iranian media fuss over her not wearing a headscarf, with President Rouhani ahead of the curve as usual.

Yezidis think they know ISIS/Islamic State's plans for their abducted women.  They've already murdered about 500 Yezidis, some by burying alive.

Obama's actions in Iraq are in line with what Americans want.

In Baghdad, Shiite radicals mass-murder those whose lifestyle they disapprove.

They should've listened, should've stayed out of goddamn Syria.

Kenya contemplates a law imposing life imprisonment or death by stoning for homosexuality.

This week a new Ebola treatment center opened in Liberia.  Two days later a rioting mob looted and destroyed it.

For those who pay me the compliment of linking to my posts, a brief reminder.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Maryam Mirzâkhâni and Mo'Ne Davis made news this week and advanced the role of women all over the globe.

That's the best that came out of an otherwise bleak news week.

17 August, 2014 17:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I guess it was. Well, that and turning the tide against ISIS a bit.

19 August, 2014 03:36  

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