10 August 2014

Link round-up for 10 August 2014

Murr Brewster looks at toilets with a mind of their own.

There's a storm coming.

Many fundie preachers have been exposed as closet homosexuals, but Jerald Hill is different.

Teabaggers remind us that we face a simple choice.

I want one of these.

The New York Public Library has put 20,000 maps online for the public (found via Mendip).

Why do people do disgusting things like this?

Rosa Rubicondior looks at the gross historical blunders of the Old Testament, and the real significance of the story of Lot.

Portland is the most livable US city, apparently.

A Tampa church cancels a man's funeral one day beforehand -- because they discovered he was gay.

Colorado offers free birth control, teen pregnancy plummets.

Kangaroos pwn Biblical literalists, but be careful how you point such things out.

Esquire profiles Dr. Willie Parker, Mississippi's last abortion provider.

Ted Nugent reaches out to American Indians.

Texas executed an innocent man.  Oregon needs to make sure this thing never walks free again.

We still can't do what Norway has been doing since 1912.

Six yours behind bars -- sounds about right.

A dark horror from Europe's past is rising again, with an echo in the US (yes, it's real).

Separate truth from lies on human shields in Gaza.

Kaveh Mousavi has a detailed evaluation of Rouhani's first year as President of Iran.

Turkey's Islamotard leader shows his true attitude toward women.

Aid workers face exhaustion and despair trying to save an uncomprehending population from Ebola.  Here's an example of normal conditions in the same region.

Scientists think they know what caused that new giant crater in Siberia, and it's not good news.


Anonymous Tengrain said...

Thank you for the link - I've been tickled that that post rose to the top of my most popular posts for today!




10 August, 2014 15:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Tengrain: Thanks for finding the sign. You can always count on the fundies to take a stand against tranny!

12 August, 2014 18:38  

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