27 July 2014

Link round-up for 27 July 2014

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is getting married.

I fart in your general direction, very loudly (found via Mendip).

The Bible is a source of morality.  Well, consider its authorship.

Just what the Republicans needed -- Todd Akin is back with more stupidity.

Here in Portland, these sick freaks are targeting children as young as five to recruit into their perverse lifestyle.

Right-wingers demand to know what I think about Islam, but react oddly to the answer.

A 2009 terrorist plot failed because the terrorist didn't change his underwear.

SEB has video of Louie Gohmert's venture into theology.

Southwest Airlines stupidly creates a PR disaster out of nothing.

If you doubt there's a war on women, look at Texas.

Don't believe every headline you see.

Small-town America is dying.  Here's why.

One plan works, the other does not.

Some food companies are cutting out GMO ingredients.

The Republican candidate for Governor of Oregon is way out there.

The fundies are now harassing moderate Christians for not being totalitarian enough.

Sue Obama?  Bah.  Here's a Presidential lawsuit with actual merit.

Here's yet another reason why prostitution must be decriminalized.  The "Swedish model" gets it wrong.

Conservatives dare not look at themselves honestly -- they're too much like what they despise.

Here's how some British see the United States.

Oxfam reports on how unequal the world has become -- for example, the richest 85 individuals own as much as the poorest 3,500,000,000 (found via Politics Plus).

When Victorian gentlemen wanted to indulge their ignorance, vulgarity, and evil, here's where they went (found via Mendip).

We're not the only country with dingbat legislators -- check out this British MP.

Here's more on the looting of the corpses of MH17 victims.

ISIS orders women in Mosul to wear full veils, or else.  American readers will note similarities between their rhetoric and that of our own fundies.  A UN report that ISIS had ordered mass clitorectomies is still being disputed.

India's public-crapping problem isn't just due to lack of toilets -- there's actually a cultural preference for it.

The Chinese regime pushes stronger brainwashing to combat Western concepts like "democracy, universal values and civil society".

Ken Ham pontificates about alien life and makes a fool of himself.

Wildfires rage in the sizzling heat of.....Siberia?

This year's May and June were the hottest May and June ever.

Here's a good clear explanation of natural mimicry and how evolution produces it.


Blogger Green Eagle said...

Right wingers reacted oddly to your views? Sorry to disagree with you, but they reacted just as anyone would predict they would.

27 July, 2014 07:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Infidel, it's possible you could be a Jewish Atheist. The Elders of Zion are a tricky lot. You could be in on the Plan and the cats in the forum are on to you. Nothing gets by those guys. I'll bet they were the first to find out about the link between peanut butter and homosexuality(that was a conspiracy to keep poor people from getting their protein).

You know you've made it when people throw out goofy accusations. Those guys are special. Let's hope they don't have mates and spend their days in silent masturbation. I'm sorry, I had to have fun at their expense.


27 July, 2014 21:18  
Anonymous AWJ said...

That 19th century Cannibal Club sounds an awful lot like about half of the "neoreactionary" blogosphere (the half Chateau Heartiste is in). Or like certain parts of Reddit. I guess there is nothing new under the sun.

28 July, 2014 03:33  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

For some unknown reason I have found myself on the Dennis Richardson e-mail list. His list of issues concerning what is wrong with Oregon go something like this: "PERS, PERS, PERS, PERS, PERS, PERS, Cover Oregon, PERS, and... PERS." The fix, for Richardson, is to abolish PERS.

Richardson is LDS, so obviously anti Pro-Choice. His wife, being a good Mormon, cranked out 9 more followers of Joseph Smith before she likely went "barren" as the bible calls it.

My problem is that my governor decided to get on the public opinion bandwaggon and signed into law a bill cutting my COLA from a whopping 2% to 1.5%. That amount turned out to be almost exactly the amount I COULD have contributed to the Kitzhaber campaign. I returned my contribution request to him with that very comment rather than a check. I should have added something about biting the hand that feeds you but some volunteer clerk would just toss my comment anyway.

As much as I dislike Richardson, at least he is a known enemy of public employees and retirees. Kitzhaber patted us on the back with one hand and stabbed us with the other. As much as I hate to say it, I might find that my hand will cramp up, unable to write, when it comes time to color in the little bubble with my #2 pencil.

Add to that what an unmitigated disaster the Cover Oregon web site fiasco was, I would not put any large bets on Kitzhaber's re-election just yet. Yeah, he has a larger war chest, but then history has shown that the race does not always go to the fattest bankroll.

Side note; the article didn't mention the even more wack-o Oregon Republican Committee chair, Art Robinson. This guy has sent direct mailings all over the state offering to test for a number of diseases if you will mail a bottle your urine down to his "institute" in Cave Junction. You may recall Robinson's run against DeFazio where he suggested closing all Oregon public schools and replacing them with a home-school curriculum, coincidentally authored by Robinson's institute. And of course he is an avid Climate Change denier.

28 July, 2014 14:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Green: I suppose so, but they always seem weird to me.

Vic: I'm pretty sure most of them are basement-dwelling loners who just talk big.

AWJ: Good point. The internet makes such attitudes more visible, but they're now more often found among the ignorant and deprived.

Robert: Democrats can sometimes be maddening when they follow political expediency at the expense of doing what's right by their constituents, and we need to do everything possible to discourage this and bring our anger to their attention.

But it is never legitimate to not vote or to vote for the Republican instead. We still have only two real choices, and in almost all cases -- certainly in this case -- the Republican is by far the worse of the two. Doing anything to help Richardson get elected hurts, not primarily Kitzhaber, but all the other Oregonians who would have to live with Richardson's policies.

29 July, 2014 05:54  

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