01 June 2014

Link round-up for 1 June 2014

Sometimes two GIFs are better than one (found via Mendip).

Why can't San Francisco do anything about this rat-breeding nutcase?  (Maybe they should call this guy.)

PZ Myers reviews the moronic film God's Not Dead. There's more crap to come.  And here's some even worse music.

Modern technology helps rescue an abducted baby in just three hours.

Frank Moraes weighs in on garbage blog comments.

That girl expelled from her prom for being too sexy now faces troglodyte parents who believe girls shouldn't go to college.

Bitcoins continue to inspire people to spend thousands of dollars on junk.

Republican efforts at re-branding are not helped by having this guy address a major conference.  The younger generation is different.

The Irish Atheist takes down neo-paganism -- a must-read if you're into that sort of thing (found via Lady Atheist).

Progressive Eruptions looks at the hypocrisy of Ben Carson -- and expands on my own post on Obama's management of the Ukraine crisis.

Fracking threatens water supplies across the US.

Obama finally tells it like it is on Republican obstructionism (found via Green Eagle).

Hey, Christians, you need to hate fags more.

The core of the conservative movement is the political weaponization of stupidity.

Britain's power system confronts two mighty cultural forces -- the World Cup and tea.

The euro currency drops in the wake of anti-EU parties' victories in last weekend's election (my post on that here).  At least in Britain, the insurgency will also be felt in next year's national election.

In Europe, the countries with the most generous welfare states are doing the best.

There was another side to the liberation of France in World War II.

President Rouhani of Iran is bluntly challenging his country's religious extremists, and they're not happy.

A Pakistani woman is stoned to death by her family for choosing her own husband, one of thousands of honor killings that happen every year in that country.

Sudan issues an inane defense of sentencing a woman to death for apostasy.

Will these religious idiots accept reality when he starts decomposing?

Here's why science progresses and religion stagnates.

Patrick Soon-Shiong wants to use artificial intelligence to advance medicine (sent by Mendip).

Sweden is testing an idea to turn roadways into solar power collectors.

A California stick insect being studied in Yorkshire illustrates rapid evolution in action.

More bird intelligence -- swallows learn to manipulate motion detectors.

We are creating lifeless wastelands in a world we've never seen.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

All good. But my best laugh came from the site that published this from Franklin Graham:

“Now, if you don’t like that, don’t get mad at me,” Graham said. “I didn’t write the rule book. Almighty God wrote it, and it’s a sin against Him.”

So he actually believes that an entity that created everything from black holes to multiverses to vibrating strings would take the time to write a book about who humans on an insignificant hunk of rock orbiting around a mediocre star should or should not rub their genitals with?


01 June, 2014 15:47  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hah. Of course the point is to place his own personal prejudices beyond challenge. "I'm not the one who says this, it's my imaginary friend who just happens to hate all the same things I do, so no point arguing with me about it, nyah nyah nyah."

01 June, 2014 16:21  

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