18 May 2014

My absolutely positively last OAS post

Yes, I suppose it's a bit cruel to keep making fun of these pitiful dullards, but they are so asking for it, and everybody else in the world is doing it, so what the hell.  When you project a turnout of 10 to 30 million and claim you're going to overthrow the elected leaders of the most stable government on Earth, you're pretty much painting a bull's-eye on yourself and jumping up and down yelling "Lookit me, lookit me, I'm thtoopid."

There is actually a Facebook page (found via Progressive Eruptions) and Twitter hashtag set up specifically to mock the fiasco -- more Twitter activity here.  Not content with that, sane people (in apparently greater numbers than the turnout for OAS itself) invaded and occupied the comment threads at this right-wing site's post on the gathering, to post works of art like this:

My Dearest Tammy-Ann, I fear all is lost and I will never gaze upon your face, nor sup upon your jauntily arranged plates of Little Debbie snack cakes again. When we came to the cesspool that is Washington D.C. to cleanse the atheist sharia-loving muslin from the "White" House and restore America's greatness we sorely underestimated the guile and craftiness of the socialists. Not only is "Capitol Hill" an actual hill, but there are insurmountable staircases -- some three, even five steps in height. Our Hoverrounds sit motionless, our batteries depleted. Even Merle's prodigious Jazzy Plus was unable to tow our once-mighty steeds to victory, even with Merle's reduced tonnage having lost his nethers to the 'beetus. We all have orders in for new batteries from Medicare, but those batteries would be delivered by the Post Office, Obama's blue-clad Union Thug Army of Sloth. -- Ben Randolph

When pro-teabagger elements comment in defense of OAS, their efforts are almost always instantly recognizable by (a) their fumbling, stumbling, inept use of the English language, and (b) their tendency to spout clich├ęs and vague generalities.  For example:

oh my I tell you that if they don't show up all of you that are against this deserves to live with what you have choose, you people care nothing for you kids or grandkids to just want them to live with what you have made, did you not see what happen in dearborn michigan, thats what O wants all over this country, do you not care about them letting four americans die so they can campain, every one wants to know where O was, I Bet he didn't lose a bit of sleep, you don't care about IRS because it didn't effect you, you don't give a dam that the guns that were traded at fast and furious has killed americans, does it not bother you that he let 36,000 illigals out of prison and let them go in your country, watch you kids because hundreds of them were murders and rapist, OH YEA!! forgot thats what you want for your kids! can't believe it doesnt bother you that theres less and less jobs and the american people are getting poorer and poorer and O and congress are millionairs and getting richer and keep wanting more and more, obamacare is a tax and its not going to do anything except get worse, and this is just a (smigen )what there doing, after all the lies after lies, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reading such impassioned screeds, it suddenly occurred to me that this must be why many teabaggers, when cornered into a debate, tend to react by cutting-and-pasting irrelevant chunks of text from the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence instead of addressing specific points in their own words.  They're so pathetically, horrifyingly inarticulate that they can't explain themselves coherently in their own words.  (Remember, we're talking about the same people who do this.)

Final observation:  The person who "wrote" the monstrosity above will almost certainly vote this November.  Will you?

For more commentary, see Green Eagle (contrasting OAS with real mass protests of past years), Frankly Curious (why OAS isn't "Constitutionalist"), Squatlo Rant (amusing video), The Immoral Minority (more tweets), Crooks and Liars, and TPM.  If you missed my own earlier posts, they're here and hereUpdate:  The die-hards are now resorting to threats of violence, and stolen and faked photos.


Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Then it's Teabagger this, an' Teabagger that, an' "Teabagger, How's yer soul?"
But it's "Thin White Line o' Heroes" when the DroneZ begin to roll

18 May, 2014 08:20  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

No, it is not overkill to report on this sort of idiocy. Those pathetically dumb deluded folks have been fed endless lies and misinformation by charlatans like Limbaugh and Beck, who make barrels of money off of their stupidity and fear.

Instead of understanding that they've been used by the GOP noise machine (FAUX NOOZ, Koch Bros., et.al.), they believe in their continuing victimhood and blame President Obama for their own willful ignorance.

18 May, 2014 08:38  
Blogger okjimm said...

well, if you ask me, American Spring sounds like a cheap deodorant soap....

18 May, 2014 16:13  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Grung: Hardly a drone-worthy target. Enough to merit a couple of pointy paper airplanes, maybe.

Shaw: I actually hope that the relentless barrage of ridicule they've endured over this episode will wake some of them up, but I'll probably be disappointed.

Okjimm: Poor marketing, if so. I suspect deodorant soap was as lacking at the event as it was sorely needed.

18 May, 2014 16:47  

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