11 May 2014

Link round-up for 11 May 2014

Best ad for a band ever! (found via Mendip).

It would be crazy if the world were like this.

Meet Logansryche, bitcoin fan and spectacularly-failed entrepreneur.

The TSA has a track record.

Experience shows how to prevent financial disasters.

There's no arguing with some people.

No sign yet of the overthrow of the US government scheduled for this Friday.

Maybe the police shouldn't watch so much football.

Think American kids' TV is bad?  Check this out.

Satanism is on the march with a demand for prayer in Florida (found via Mendip), a Black Mass in Massachusetts, and a display of its tenets in Oklahoma.

Skunkpong can be neutralized by baking soda.

No, it is not true that children raised without religion often become religious later.

Almost half of all US Hispanics have abandoned Catholicism, some becoming Protestant and some unaffiliated.

Fojap has some intelligent observations on Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brandeis.

Booman looks at how Republicans have irreversibly sabotaged themselves on race.

Some people are getting a raise.

In the Republican civil war, so far the establishment is winning, but baggers still dominate in some states.  And even the establishment guys can be pretty out-there.

Candy Crowley caught Romney in a falsehood, but George Will helped create one.

I've walked along part of this wall.

England is a land of eccentric local traditions.

Julia Gasper knows what's wrong with Britain's Parliament:  too many fags.

Meet some relatives of World War II leaders, including Hitler's lazy nephew (found via Mendip).

Putin's regime accidentally releases real data from the scam Crimea referendum.

To combat public defecation, India is installing public toilets, but it isn't working.  Vigilantes are tackling a related problem.

North Koreans sound like Republicans.

China's infiltration of Africa is hitting some snags.

An abducted Nigerian girl who escaped tells her story.  The US is helping the search.  Michelle Obama speaks out, while Nigeria's First Lady isn't helping.

Maybe the Neanderthals didn't die out (found via Mendip).

The stepping stones of Pompeii illustrate the power of deduction from evidence.

[Hand update: slowly improving.  After two hospital visits, two clinic visits (with another tomorrow) and various tests, there's still no diagnosis of the underlying problem, so I'm using painkillers and waiting for it to go away on its own.]


Blogger Green Eagle said...

What kind of monsters kidnap little girls and sell them into slavery? How about white Southerners?

11 May, 2014 09:12  
Blogger Blurber said...

On the weird English customs, it occurred to me that, while terrorist morons are kidnapping little girls, another part of the human race can take the time to just plain have stupid fun.

12 May, 2014 11:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Green: Well, yes, 150 years ago. Right now the big problem is religious fanatics.

Blurber: Good point. It's an illustration of the difference between a sane and healthy secular culture and barbarians straight out of the Old Testament.

12 May, 2014 17:17  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the link to the Neanderthals article! I am very happy to think of myself as a Neanderthal. Last year I wrote an article, Are Humans Better than Neanderthals? It was pushing back against documentaries that were always laying on Neanderthals, as though they died off because they were lacking something that humans had, even though all the evidence indicated that it was just dumb luck that kept humans from going extinct. But this story of us being a mix of Neanderthal and Homo sapien is so great! However, I will have to come up with another word for Republicans. What do you think of Australopithecus afarensis? Too evolved? I'd use Cynognathus, but I'm rather fond of them. Perhaps a kind of flatworm. I'm open to suggestions!

15 May, 2014 17:08  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

On a separate species classifier for conservatives, I'm torn between Australopithecus confederatus (Confederate Southern ape) and Homo homophobicus. Of course, there seem to be a variety of sub-species.

15 May, 2014 23:22  

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