13 May 2014

Death of an artist

Swiss artist H.R. Giger has died.  He was only 74.

Giger was best known for his work on the 1979 film Alien, which his creature and set design helped elevate far beyond the regular run of SF and horror films.  But his output of painting and sculpture was vast and diverse, and took surrealism to a whole new level.

If there was a common theme, it was the mixing of organic and mechanical imagery ("biomechanoid"), and his work often included bizarre sexual and reproductive references.

His vision was unsettling, but it was truly his own.  Few artists can claim a body of work so unique and distinctive.  Never timid or constrained by convention, never sinking to the bland allegory preferred by politicized art nor the empty randomness of the purely abstract, he was shining steel rising above a sea of mush.


Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Oh no....I remember seeing ALIEN as a child and becoming fascinated by Giger's work. In high school I went on a trip to Switzerland where I saw some of his work "up close and personal".

I'll say this--I had never seen anything like his work before, and it was unique, frightening, yes, but amazing. It certainly caught the eye. And let's face it, his designs for ALIEN have had a major influence on SF, horror, and fantasy films for over 30 years.

He will be sorely missed...

13 May, 2014 06:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

He will. There won't be another like him.

14 May, 2014 01:40  

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