14 March 2014

Video of the day -- steampunk

"Steampunk" is a genre of SF/fantasy based on an alternate reality in which mechanical, especially steam-powered, technology prevails instead of electronic technology.  It's inspired by early efforts at mechanical computing such as the Babbage engine, and by the works of writers like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne imagining advanced machines based on the principles known in their time.  In this reality, things like robots, giant aircraft, and prosthetic limbs are fully developed by the late 19th century, but based on very different principles than their real-world counterparts.

Steampunk is more about art and imagery than storytelling.  Fiction does exist, but the focus is more on depicting what the steampunk world looks like than how it works or how it got the way it is.  Designs are often whimsical or wildly extrapolative, while clothes and architecture often have a quasi-Victorian or sometimes "wild west" look that contrasts with all the weird machinery.  The video above is a sampling of steampunk art, with steampunk-inspired music.  Some more info on the genre is here.


Anonymous naomi45 said...

Thanks for the music and the art-work. Both were surreal and evocative. The sounds were so 2014; the images so 1884.

You made me realize how much I miss "Echoes" and "Hearts of Space". If any of the OPB stations (Eugene, Albany and Salem) are carrying either/or, I haven't found it yet.

You know, I'm surprised that Steam Punk has been around for so long. I remember its early days c.2006. But maybe it touches its adherents on a deeper level than mine - and will still be around in 2054.

Thanks again.

15 March, 2014 22:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Naomi45: Glad you liked it. Steampunk is rather new to me, but the alternate-technology aspect is intriguing. I liked the music too.

16 March, 2014 02:53  

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