09 March 2014

Link round-up for 9 March 2014

Who painted that?  Here's how to tell.

Some people have too much fun at work.

Cartoonists discover bitcoin.

Here's how American class warfare works.

If Jesus is the only way, answer this (see this too).

Which life-form is superior?

Even fundie nutters don't like the new Noah movie (and this was predictable).

"Mr. Hayes" has a KKK flag in front of his house, but he doesn't want anyone to worry (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

What's the point of this billboard?

Here's what some Christian saints said about women.

Amanda Marcotte and Gin and Tacos join in the mass pwnage of Ross Douthat's "surrender" essay.

The younger generation is more liberal, more optimistic, and less religious.

Meet John Derbyshire, an honest conservative.

Religion-based homophobia today does in fact parallel religious defenses of racism in the past.

Yes, the two parties are different.

A Catholic band in Boston will drop out of the St. Patrick's Day parade unless a gay veterans group is excluded.

Keystone XL would have a far worse impact that the State Department admits.

Small business supports raising the minimum wage, and experience shows it works (but this doesn't).

Not all opinions are equally valid (remember this).

Some Muslim immigrants are assimilating.

The Governor of Wyoming stands firm against science.

Booman Tribune gets on board with basic income; here's a feminist view.

Even some conservatives are really liberals.

Most opponents of gay marriage don't realize their view is now in the minority.  But anti-gay bigots are in retreat, even in the South (found via Republic of Gilead).

Even in a Fox poll, Hillary thrashes all comers -- so get ready for this (and maybe more of this).

Southerners should demand better.  So should Texans.

CPAC attendees talk about poor people like some exotic species they know nothing about.  Then they go out for illicit gay sexHuckabee and fans are nuts as usual.  There's minority outreach (with cluelessness).  But reality is a problem.

Presidents are held to different standards.

Slavery and a weak social safety net help explain why the US has historically been more religious than Europe (found via Republic of Gilead).

The US still leads the world in university rankings.

The Irish language is dying out.

Crimeans protest Russian occupation.  The pro-West / pro-Russia split in Ukraine is less geographical than generational, making partition impossible.  Putin's aggression has shattered the sense of connection with Russia, at least for now.  And the West has more leverage over Russia than in Soviet times (found via Horizons).

Frances Coppola reminds us that the euro currency has been a disastrous failure.

How much impact did World War I really have?

Here's a soldier's letter to his family.

Kaveh Mousavi compares Iran under the shâh and under the ayatollahs.

No Cross No Crescent profiles two wise men of the medieval Middle East.

Workers from the Fukushima reactor live a nightmare.

China hints at reining in North Korea.

A US judge allows Ugandan gays to sue Scott Lively for helping stir up anti-gay persecution in their country (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Rev. Njohi of the "Lord's Propeller Redemption Church" (?) has some odd ideas.

Your ancestors mated with chimpanzees.

This food habit could be as deadly as smoking.

Looks like we're finally going to Europa.

Human evolution hasn't stopped -- it's speeding up.

Craig Venter's latest project will join the fight against aging.


Blogger Ahab said...

Aye-aye-aye. That post on Derbyshire was a glimpse at someone who is completely disconnected from 21st century reality AND humanity.

As for the pizza shop termination notice, I'd hate to think that someone like that would be preparing my food. That persons needs help ... and someone to keep all the lava cake mix out of reach.

09 March, 2014 10:40  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

"Cath. School Won’t March in Parade if Gay Veterans Can"

This parade will take place in a neighborhood next door to mine. I have to say this is very encouraging news--the news that this sad group will not participate.

Our new mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, is fully supportive of what these homophobic folks are against.

Re: the Catholic saints writings on women. I wish I had noted which one said it, but I remember reading years ago that it was, I think, St. Augustine, who declared that women were "filthy vessels."

As a young Catholic girl at the time I read that, I remember something going off in my head--sort of like an explosion, I would say, and very soon after that I left all that crap behind me.

Liberating. Absolutely liberating.

09 March, 2014 21:36  
Blogger Tommykey said...

I read recently that water was detected on the asteroid Ceres. Taking that into account, I wonder if it would make more sense to go there first since it is much closer to Earth.

10 March, 2014 09:26  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: At least he openly admits he's a racist. It's easier to deal with things when everyone's being honest.

Shaw: I immediately thought that those characters are really out of place in Massachusetts.

Having been lucky enough to grow up without religion, I can still hardly wrap my head around what it must be like to be indoctrinated with all that garbage and then break free of it -- but it must be liberating indeed.

Tommykey: I saw that item on Ceres too, and I hope we'll investigate both.

12 March, 2014 05:28  

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