02 March 2014

Link round-up for 2 March 2014

Relics of ancient history belong in museums.

Giant machines are cool.

The paths to Satan are many.

Beware Obama's homo demons.

Who preaches this stuff, and why?

A religious nut threatens a restaurant cashier with Hell over $18.46.

Headline of the week!

Since when does a movie need an explicit disclaimer that's it's not just like the (crappy) novel?

Here's why we can't afford things.

Are there tours of these Satanic gay war rooms?  The décor must be fabulous.

If you liked NAFTA, you'll love the Trans-Pacific Partnership (found via Politics Plus).

A pregnant woman is just a host.

The religion of perpetual outrage finds something new to whine about, and Katy Perry chickens out.

Think your bitcoins are safe because they weren't at MtGox?  Wrong.

Politicians help America.

Kenan Malik has a comprehensive debunking of "arguments" for God.

Modern fundies wouldn't have approved of George Washington.

Craig Cobb's plans for a racist town in North Dakota lie in ruins.

Americans get half the truth on global warming.

The situation aboard the USS Reagan is even worse than we were told.

The scam of branding theocracy as "religious liberty" has hit a turning point as bigotry becomes an economic liability.

This guy is gonna be hearing from the Secret Service.

Charles Johnson debunks Glenn Greenwald.

Think your US fish is safe to eat?  It was processed in China (and spent two months en route).

Here's some of that Southern heritage we keep hearing about.

Veterans have a friend in the Senate.

This is the enemy -- there can be no common ground with people whose minds work like this.

Don't forget Rand Paul's real history.

The Christian Right screams persecution every time somebody stands up to their bullying (found via Republic of Gilead).  History here and here (I once made a similar point), and here's some real thuggery.

Let's look at those Obamacare horror stories.

Nobody wants anything to do with racist vandals.

What issues can Republicans run on this year?  Democrats may do better than pundits expect.

Arizona's got another anti-gay law waiting in the wings.

Allen TX spent $60 million on a high-school football stadium -- and it's crap.

Our terrorists are running out of oomph.

Republicans are still trying to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal.

No, home births are not just as safe.

The modern Republican party is the fruit of Nixon's Southern strategy.

The teabaggers and religious nuts are in a snit about the SB1062 veto (see comments on both).

A new Christian hate group urges democracies to follow Putin's example.

Let a dialect coach take you on an 83-second accent tour of the British Isles.

Another liar gets some justice.

A man released from Guantánamo in 2005 is arrested for terrorist involvement in Britain.

Germany does it better.

Pussy Riot has a song for Putin.

Here's a very interesting assessment of Iran's President Rouhani by an Iranian atheist.

School textbooks in Gujarat contain a few errors.

That knife attack in China was an act of religious terrorism.

Uganda gets less fun for straight guys too, as miniskirts are banned.

A girl in Sudan is convicted of "indecent acts" for being gang-raped.

Shoot the Moon.

Maybe this is why red meat and conservatives seem to go together?

There's a biological explanation for religious/mystical experiences.

This post of mine got linked from Reddit and a site dedicated to basic income.  A few of the resulting new comments were trollish, but the post got hundreds of new views -- just more getting the word out!


Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Wow, the person who compiled that list of "doorways to demonic possession" sure knows how to put the fun in fundamentalism! I'm surprised "just getting out of bed" wasn't on the list!

03 March, 2014 03:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: These people don't like much of anything, do they? The list reminded me of the Khomeini quote, "There is no fun in Islam."

03 March, 2014 06:40  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Ironically, many of the items on that list are things I'd avoid myself, though more because they're a load of nonsense (and dangerous nonsense at that, in the case of some eg Scientology) than because they're a "pathway to possession" or whatever.

Funny you should mention Khomeini, as I'm currently reading a book about the misery his "Islamic revolution" has brought to the people of Iran. His predecessor, the Shah, may have been bad, but, yeah, he seems to have been a hundred times worse! Yet another cautionary tale with regards to the dangers of theocracy!

03 March, 2014 07:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: Knowing something of Iran as I do, I find the this Islamo-Calvinist theocracy dowright bizarre -- it's so contrary to the real culture of the country. Hopefully Rouhani represents the beginning of the end of it.

03 March, 2014 11:54  

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