03 November 2013

Link round-up for 3 November 2013

We've been worrying about the wrong apocalypse (found via Squatlo Rant).

Law professors complain of Satanic pay raises.

The Returned is a zombie show with a difference -- don't be put off because it's foreign.

Mendip laments the decline of Halloween traditions.

Art genre of the week: zombie impressionism.

Yes, they really are this crazy (found via Squatlo Rant).

Here's a clever Halloween costume.

Mario Piperni unveils the Republican agenda.

Check out this furniture for book lovers (found via Mendip). And here's a cool-looking house you could put it in, or try this one if you're on a budget.

All bloggers should support Roger Shuler of Alabama, jailed for blogging about a prominent political family.

Bernie Sanders gives us straight talk about Social Security.

Fundamentalist homeschoolers' isolation from the world creates feeble convictions (found via Republic of Gilead).  And their grotesque ignorance about science is even worse.

Let's quit fiddling with our clocks, and simplify our time zones.

Wisconsin atheists crafted this awesome "god graveyard" for Halloween.

Being a celebrity doesn't mean you know anything about science.

Take a stand against gay "conversion" therapy.

The right wing has a new approach to climate change -- rather than deny it's happening, say it's God's judgment for abortion or gay rights (found via Republic of Gilead).

Big Republican donors shun Cuccinelli and Georgia teabaggers, but to really quell the nutcases and bigots and extremists, the party must mobilize the working class, who are turning against it.

Why does the internet cost so much in the US?

Democrats have a chance in the South, notably Kentucky, but must avoid repeating the mistakes of 2010.

Hollywood appeasement:  Hitler then, China now.

Ted Cruz's father is a crazed theocrat.

Forbes debunks the lie that the ACA is driving people into part-time jobs.  Republicans are guilty not only of sabotage (flowchart here) but of hypocrisy (found via Progressive Eruptions, which looks at more lies and distortions, which Obama needs to help refute).

Fundie Christians have the highest divorce rates and atheists the lowest, according to research by Christians.

Racism is a great evil -- and so is falsely accusing someone of it.

The Mormon Church is back on the warpath against gay marriage (found via Republic of Gilead).

CBS's shoddy 60 Minutes report on the Benghazi "scamdal" is a blow to the network's credibility.

Atheism is winning.

Yorkshire, where one side of my family comes from, has been rated one of the world's best places to visit.  But maybe not if you're a ferret.

A British judge forcefully affirms the secular character of Western law.

A Christian group blames Australia's catastrophic brush fires on gays (found via Republic of Gilead).

Germany gets its first professional association for sex workers.

Ciudad Juárez, once the most violent city in Mexico, has cut crime to a small fraction of its former level.

Saudi Arabian blogger Hamza Kashgari has been released from prison for blasphemy, but Saudi law remains as barbarous as ever.

Marijuana may help fight cancer, but US scientists won't be allowed to help research the question.

The extreme genetic homogeneity of humans may have helped our cultural development.

Rosa Rubicondior looks at evolutionary relics in the human body.

The brute-force approach to artificial intelligence is missing the point.

Asteroid 2013TV135 won't hit Earth -- but here's what would happen if it did.

Here's Saturn as we haven't seen it before (click picture for enlargeable version).

Toroidal black holes may be gateways to the unknown.


Blogger Ahab said...

The bookworm house is amazing. I. WANT. ALL. THE. THINGS!

FRC's Pat Fagan needs to do some anthropological research. Plenty of societies past and present sanction sex outside of marriage, or at least certain kinds of sex. More to the point, though, no one should be punished for engaging in sex with consenting adults in a responsible manner.

As for the Alternet article on divorce, I'm not surprised. Fundamentalist Christians heap so many unrealistic expectations on marriage partners that they place unnecessary strain to marriages.

03 November, 2013 07:19  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: I know, isn't it wonderful what one could get if one had money?

Mr. Fagan clearly knows nothing of pre-modern societies except maybe the 1950s or Victorian England. Also, I'm surprised the FRC hasn't made him change his name to "Straightan".

Indeed, atheists tend not to get married until they're sure they're compatible -- so it's no surprise more of those marriages succeed.

03 November, 2013 10:39  
Blogger mendip said...

Loved the links - thanks! The article/book about Hollywood appeasement reminds me of a long-standing debate on Walt Disney being pro-nazi. Have no opinion, myself, although he certainly was an authoritarian within his little business empire; and have read pretty good arguments going both ways on his leanings.

03 November, 2013 12:30  
Blogger Christine Vyrnon said...

I think Ahab is right about Christians and divorce... so many get married just to avoid premarital sex... or because it's just expected of them... etc, etc,... that divorce is ironically the only healthy choice after a certain point. I remember churches splitting in two... starting new congregations based on the 1970s-1990s interpretation of the Bible's commandments/suggestions on divorce. They've come a long way... I guess... hypocritically speaking.

And the Fagan thing... don't even know if I want to know those words came out of someone's mouth. Too late now!

Finally: isn't there some law against impersonating the USPS in any shape or form? Probably most illegal costume ever!

03 November, 2013 18:54  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Great links! Love the one about Christians having the highest divorce rates and atheists having the lowest. I'll have to work that into a blog post, then sit back and listen to them howl!

The graveyard of the gods was awesome as well.

Thanks for all the work you do on getting these links to us.

03 November, 2013 19:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mendip: I don't know much about Walt Disney personally, but some of these people will kowtow to even the vilest regimes for the sake of profit.

Killer car: When young people are told they can't have sex unless they get married, it's not surprising that a lot of them jump into hasty marriages that cooler, er, heads would have seen were a bad idea.

Hopefully the USPS found a sense of humor for just the one day. The kid probably got a few letters along with the candy, but I'm sure he would have put them in a proper mailbox.

Shaw: Thanks! Someone should really turn that God Graveyard into a permanent installation somewhere -- with burial plots reserved for future additions.

04 November, 2013 08:51  

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