19 October 2013

Quote for the day -- reply to the teabaggers

"You're LOSERS: you lost the [Civil] war, you lost the fight to keep science out of science class in the 20's, you lost the last two elections, and you [lost] the court battle against Obamacare..... You also lost your job, after being tricked into voting for Bush. Ever since Nixon, the rich have herded you like the dumb animals you are.  They smoke $50 cee-gars and laugh about you. They manipulate you with colorful flags, scary propaganda, jingoistic speeches, nationalist music, shiny objects, and blatant, outrageous lies like 'death panels' and 'Obama reads the Koran.'  Most of all, they manipulate you with your ridiculous, stupid-people religion."

Faye Kane -- read the whole thing (note: NSFW blog art and disturbing photos)


Blogger Kay Dennison said...

Excellent!!!! Thank you!!!!

20 October, 2013 08:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Quite a rant, and on-target.

23 October, 2013 07:11  

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