27 October 2013

Link round-up for 27 October 2013

Here's the Washington Mall if the teabaggers had won (click to enlarge).

There's still five days left to vote for the stupidest creationist tweet.

If only Obama could really do this!

Beware the communist lesbian Girl Scout cookies.

Idiots use science too.

Spice up your Halloween with these mini horror films.

There is no excuse for treating a person like this because of the opinions he expresses.  None.

Ranch Chimp looks at "battling boardom" in Texas.

Warren 2016?  The buzz is growing.

The latest figures debunk the myth that the ACA is destroying full-time jobs (found via P M Carpenter).

In Kansas, restaurant patrons rally against a display of bigotry.

If Republicans lose Virginia, they lose it all.

MRA and evangelical Christian Theodore Beale justifies the Taliban shooting of Malala Yousafzai.

Paul Krugman, who was right about everything from the euro to the housing bubble, warned us about teabaggerdom before it even started.  Here's an inside look at how Obama and Reid agreed on their get-tough policy against the most destructive force in politics.  Next obstructionism target: Janet Yellen.  But they're no longer funny.  Here's one Texas judge who couldn't take the bullshit any more.

The 400 richest persons in the US now own total wealth of $2 trillion (that's over $6,000 for every person in the country).

Fox News writer Sally Kohn tells her ACA success story.  Other Republicans may not be so lucky, especially after the party's outright sabotage.  Watch their delusional invocation of HIPAA melting down (found via Parsley's Pics).

The Pope is causing division within the US Christian Right -- but they're already divided over whether or not the culture war is lost.

The White House delivers a stern rebuke to secessionists.

Spending-cut mania and strict immigration rules are undermining US dominance in science.

The Republican civil war is on and the nutters are out for blood.  Mike Lee is already feeling the heat at home; Christie defies the fundies on gay marriage.  Here's one teabagger candidate.  And check out this Hot Air comment thread on McCain.

An oil-industry sonar mapping action killed 100 whales.

A murderous foreign terrorist in Britain faces justice.  Now something needs to be done about crazed vigilanteism.

The Netherlands tells immigrants to learn Dutch or leave (the report is negative in tone but still worth a look).

NSA spying is seriously damaging our relations with Europe.  Germany and Brazil are taking the issue to the UN.

Terrorists destroy a crowded bus in Volgograd, but this plot blew up in the perpetrators' faces.

Syrian refugees are a massive burden on Jordan.

American Shiite pilgrims are attacked by Sunnis in Mecca, and Saudi police destroy the evidence.

17th-century Japanese persecution of Christians was spurred by sectarian violence.

Here's the latest in clunky, heavy-handed Chinese propaganda posters.  Slashes in one poster are described as "a rare attack on propaganda", but I notice that several of the posters shown have similar damage.

Toxic jerky exported from China has killed 600 dogs in the US.

Brunei adds itself to the list of countries sensible people should stay away from.

When terrorists seized the Westgate Mall in Nairobi last month, one brave man rescued many shoppers -- including an American family.

Here's a look at current thinking on the nature and function of dreams.

Evaporative "salt flats" surround giant lakes near the north pole -- 800 million miles from here.

German researchers have succeeded in rejuvenating stem cells in mice.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Quite a versatile link round up Infidel ... you got more shit on here than the 6:00 news. But a couple comment's before they slip my elderly drug wasted mind ... I didnt know whether to laugh cry or take a shit over that piece on Girl Scout cookies {: ) ... that is one Hell of a theory! {: ) some of the most twisted shit I've ever heard. Actually I alwayz yearly buy GS cookies (I dont eat them anymore because of diet reason's, but I give them away now)and still do ... better buying GS cookies than buying Boy Scout booty, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

But in that last link up you had too that piece about Bernie Sanders now vs. Paul Ryan really gave me a laugh (I'm a lil suprised Harry Reid done that, I'm sure he was coached, I must be missing something)... now ole Paul is gonna see how it feel's to be pissin in the wind! serves his lil yuppie puppy ass right too! (I like ole Paul as a Guy, but sure as Hell not what he proposes {: ) Make's me now hope that Bernie is never a candidate for Pres or VP, he's too valuable as a Senator, I wouldnt want to lose him.

I didnt even know nothin bout that San Antone Judge that switched from republican to democrat. Let me tell ya somethin man ... their fixin to change up law's on voting here in Texas requiring a voter ID, but also I used my current voter registration card (expires 12/ 31/ 13, then they usually mail a new one, I will find out this january 14 though) I used recently to do early voting locally (Texas), but the talk I heard here is that they are requiring folk's to get some kind of ID card ... dont know much yet, but they say it's free, I just dont know yet how much inconvenience it will be. But you can bet your ass that the GOP is behind this shit solely here in Texas, these SOB's are frantic here, they are so bloody worried about losing the state, and you know what that mean's if they do ... "Bye- Bye Ms. American Lie"

Talk to ya later Infidel ....

27 October, 2013 07:20  
Blogger Ahab said...

That Red State commentary was chilling. No one should have to live with repeated death threats and stalking, period.

27 October, 2013 09:35  
Blogger okjimm said...

ok....about them there girl scout cookies ... and leading to lesbianism...I think there may be SOME truth to it....see, everytime I have a few of those there cookies...why gosh, I get a huge urge to ask Rachael Maddow out for a date.

27 October, 2013 10:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Chimp: Yep, the fundies can always come up with something new to be paranoid about. The Girl Scouts are now lesbians and commies and probably Kenyans too. Of course, now that the Boy Scouts are accepting gays, I'm sure they'll be subject to even worse suspicions.

I think Ryan will be rather out of his depth going up against Sanders. Ryan is sometimes called the intellectual leader of the Republican party, but as some blogger once said, that's like saying Moe is the intellectual leader of the Three Stooges.

Ahab. I'm glad you agree. That kind of thing is intolerable no matter who the target is.

Okjimm: Wonder if Maddow was ever a girl scout? She doesn't exactly seem the type, but you never know.

27 October, 2013 15:07  
Blogger uzza said...

That Russian Boar torture video made me want to puke. Those are pathetic excuses for men.

27 October, 2013 21:12  
Anonymous Blurber said...

By setting off a bus bomb in Volvograd, whoever did it is taking on an extremely determined opponent. The city was formerly Stalingrad, site of the historic battle in WW2, where the Soviets suffered over half a million killed defending their city. The bombers have a long way to go in overcoming these people.

28 October, 2013 08:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Uzza: I assume you mean the video on the Texas boar posting. I have to admit I didn't watch that one, though I watched the other two.

Blurber: Indeed, you'd think the jihadists would look at what eventually happened to eastern Germany once the Red Army got there, and realize they're messing with the wrong people.

It's really too bad they changed Stalingrad's name. Of course they wanted to de-Stalinize everything, but the battle made Stalingrad a historic name.

28 October, 2013 09:01  

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