09 June 2013

Video of the day -- R'ha

An intriguing short taste from a prospective full-length movie (use full-screen).  I really hope this gets made.  Science-fiction cinema these days has become exhausted, all sequels and re-makes and tired, bloated, unimaginative blockbusters.  If it's to be revitalized, it will be by independent works like this.  Also check out creator Kaleb Lechowski's blog.


Anonymous Bacopa said...

There have been good sci-fi movies in the 2000's. District 9 has to be one of the top ten sci-fi movies of all time.

13 June, 2013 14:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Haven't seen that one, maybe I should. It was certainly outside the Hollywood sequel-and-remake mainstream.

15 June, 2013 05:38  

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