24 February 2013

Link round-up for 24 February 2013

Internet trolling is like rolling around in.....

One way or the other, you have to pay.

Murr Brewster looks at the great Québec maple-syrup heist.

Maybe Texas needs an 11th Commandment -- Thou shalt not knock up thy neighbor's horse (found via Mendip).

Here's a shower curtain for the YouTube age, and the best-looking sink ever (it's Iranian).

Honkin' huge goldfish invade Lake Tahoe.

A regular snowman would have been too mainstream (NSFW).

Ladies, don't get your how-to-catch-a-man advice from the wingnuts.

The Atheist Pig looks at Popes gone wild.

Republicans push another clueless anti-science bill, this time in Oklahoma.

Don't be the sucker.

Joe Miller is back, joining the Nutty side in the Republican civil war.  Here are some even crazier Republicans.  To reform, the party needs to deal with its rage problem.  But the right wing seems to be running out of energy.

Here are ten celebrities you didn't know were atheists (found via Lady Atheist).

One sign of delusional thinking is dark predictions of some sort of impending collapse in which those whom the delusional person dislikes will get their comeuppance.  Here's an example from the MRA crowd.

This takes guts -- the murdered Dr. George Tiller's abortion practice in Wichta is re-opened by a former employee.

College atheists are growing in numbers -- and assertiveness.

On the gay-marriage fight, right-wingers are losing their own young people (read the comments for juicy wingnut cluelessness).  Illinois may be the next state to join the 21st century.

Here's a look at that Southern history that certain people want to commemorate.

Here's a ranking of US states by religiosity -- glad to see Oregon right at the least-religious end amid the New England states.

Rand Paul calls for "spiritual cleansing".

Alaska has its darker side.

The TSA assaults and traumatizes a wheelchair-bound three-year-old.

In the looming clash with Republicans, Obama has the public firmly on his side.  Republicans are out of favor on almost every issue.

If you aren't boycotting Facebook yet, read this.

Could Hillary Clinton smash the Republicans once and for all in 2016?  A poll shows her beating Republican Presidential hopefuls in Georgia.  Texas looks worth messing with too.

"Moderate" Catholics who condemn the abuse but stick with the Church are part of the problem.

The Arpaio recall is for real.

No, Dorner was no hero.

Global-warming denialism is clandestinely funded by a few billionaires with an agenda.

A damning new documentary focuses on power and abuse within the Catholic Church.

A top Republican exposed as a misogynist? Gosh, who'd have thought it?

The US Christian Right spreads its toxic influence far beyond our own country.

Here's a magnificent map of London in 1746 (found via Mendip) -- use scroll wheel to zoom, left-click and hold to move around like on Google maps.

In World War II, even the Queen pitched in.

Britain's Conservative government will stick with its ruinous austerity policies, which have thrown the country back into recession and increased its deficit.

Another major Islamotard terrorist attack is thwarted in Birmingham.

Britain's Christian Medical Fellowship isn't as harmless as it sounds.

George Galloway stages a disgusting little display of bigotry.

Here are some Irish people getting into a bad habit for a good cause (found via Mendip).

The Catholic Church castrated boys in the Netherlands in the 1950s to "cure" them of homosexuality (or apparently, in at least one case, to punish them for reporting abuse by priests).

French Jews head for Britain to escape anti-Semitic attacks (found via Lady Atheist -- see my comment there).

A new report links Ratzinger's resignation to entrenched homosexuality and corruption in the Vatican.  But again, Ratzinger himself will be shielded from justice.

Some European Muslims are assimilating European values.

In Russia, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism unite against freedom.

Islamist Jew-hatred is running riot in Tunisia (found via Lady Atheist); in Libya, you can be arrested for non-Muslim proselytizing.

She wishes she had more time to read (so do I).

Why doesn't the smartest species in Earth's history show more foresight?

Check out the bizarre and diverse animal life that thrived on Earth during the Cambrian explosion.

The US government's new brain-mapping project should be of interest to atheists.


Blogger ReasonBeing said...

Thank you for including my post. Much appreciated!

24 February, 2013 19:48  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I read Garry Wills' book "Papal Sin" years ago. This passage, in a review of the book struck me:

"He {Wills] is startlingly frank on issues that most Catholic writers avoid, as when he writes, ''In fact, the admission of married men and women to the priesthood -- which is bound to come anyway -- may well come for the wrong reason, not because women and the community deserve this, but because of panic at the perception that the priesthood is becoming predominantly gay.''

24 February, 2013 19:49  
Anonymous Blurber said...

About the guy from Texas who tried to make a horse baby — yet another character brought up in the Bible belt.

On the "Religiousity by State" posting, Texas has 69% moderately religious or very religious. 69 seems very applicable somehow.

And thanks for the great map of 1746 London.

25 February, 2013 13:07  
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