10 February 2013

Link round-up for 10 February 2013

Dream world.....

If you're going to whine about gay marriage, choose your illustrations carefully.

Technology is killing culture!

Maybe women in the military won't be such a distraction.

Hey Jude.....

Which Amazon is bigger?

This may be the most disgusting zombie movie ever.

Save Medicade!

Here are some rare color photos of the early Beatles.

A former hater joins the 21st century.

What would Jesus think?

Real books have their pluses.

This may be the most unusual murder weapon ever (found via Mendip).

Histories of Things to Come and Progressive Eruptions have photos from snowstorm Nemo (more here).

To be a "science buff", you should at least have some understanding of science.

Why can't we have stupidity-control pills?

Republicans are still threatening to wreck the economy with European-style austerity.

One thing follows logically from the other (found via Rosa Rubicondior).

The US can't afford to be complacent.

The more things change, the more they stay the same (found via The Immoral Minority).

The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles wants your money (found via Republic of Gilead).

Conservatives discuss the possibility of a Santorum 2016 Presidential run.

Yes, even today there are people this superstitious.

Here's a disquieting assessment of the "sovereign citizen" wingnuts (sent by Ahab); see also the video below this post.

After firing the waitress in the stingy-pastor incident (see last week's link round-up), Applebee's faces the wrath of the internet.

Wingnut hysteria is linked to the final great defeat of the white South.  Note the regional character of the Christian Right.

Atheists, speak out!  Religion is fair game.

Who had the real intelligence failure?

A lawsuit highlights the corruption of college sports.

Time to get back to real economics (found via What Would Jack Do).

A Connecticut pastor apologizes for participating in a Sandy Hook vigil -- because other religions were also represented. Bryan Fischer weighs in.

If Hillary were running for President today, she could even carry Texas.

Ed Brayton has a new favorite website.

Net migration from Mexico to the US has been zero since 2005.

What if there were an honest Pope?

The EU is organizing an internet troll campaign against the rising tide of wised-up Europeans (is it really so implausible that our Republicans would also do this?).

Just a week after France, Britain too opts for gay marriage.  The country's thankfully-tiny Christian Right whines.

German folk singer "Heino" (I was a fan back in the 80s when I was learning the language) releases a record-breaking come-back album -- at the age of 74.

Russia's rising official homophobia is part of the Putin regime's tightening alliance with the Orthodox Church.

Ukrainian activists stage an eye-catching protest against female genital mutilation in Berlin.

No, Germany is not sunnier than the United States.  At all.

Poland's government wants to adopt the euro currency, but the people reject the idea.

Iran unveils a fake stealth fighter.

An assassination has re-ignited political protest in Tunisia -- and some Egyptians are running out of patience too.

Malala Yousafzai has been discharged from the hospital.

South Korea warns it will attack rather than let the northern regime have the bomb.

During their occupation of Timbuktu, the pious and moral Islamists gang-raped several women as punishment for "crimes" (found via Lady Atheist).

Sorry Islamotards, mountains are not tent pegs.

No, it's not OK to gain weight just because you're old.

The decline of the brain in old age can be fought by turning off a single signaling molecule.


Blogger Ahab said...


On a more serious note, the article on violence against women in Mali was chilling. Sadistic monsters will always be with us, but it sickens me when they indulge their sadism in the name of religion.

10 February, 2013 17:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Santorum 2016 -- let us prey. Our candidate would carry 45 states.

As for the Mali article, Islamists seem to behave like that pretty much anywhere where they attain absolute power.

10 February, 2013 18:15  

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