20 January 2013

Link round-up for 20 January 2013

Oh, this should be fun:  Glenn Beck is planning a separatist libertarian community in rural Texas. Somebody's also planning a right-wing "Citadel" in Idaho.

Some university students have found an alternative to onerous student loans.

Here's the US as right-wingers see it.

Selling your stuff on E-Bay?  Be careful when taking pictures of it.

Headline of the week.

Rick Scott gets some surprising support (sent by Mendip).

The University of Missouri is now offering an incest class.

Evangelical Christianity faces divisions, as younger adherents tire of reactionary stances on sexuality (found via Republic of Gilead).

We should try sharply raising the minimum wage.

A man who helped Sandy Hook victims is now being harassed by denialist nutjobs.  Mentality on display here.

Desperate to remain relevant, Republicans threaten to gerrymander the Electoral College.

The South is increasingly culturally isolated.

Here's the whole health-care issue in one sentence.

Boeing ignored union and technicians' concerns about outsourcing most work on the 787 -- and now the plane stands revealed as suffering from frightening defects.

Kevin Drum pwns Michael Gerson.

Americans favor keeping Roe v. Wade, 63% to 29%.  We also have a favorable view of the NRA, 54% to 38%.

Republican-led state governments scheme to shift even more of the tax burden from corporations and the rich to ordinary people.

Monumental police malfeasance costs the city of Chicago $22,500,000.

The conservative Heritage Foundation rates socialist countries as having the most economic freedom.

Two years is hardly enough.

Britain is preparing to defend the Falkland Islands, again.

Two Catholic hospitals in Germany turn away a rape victim (found via Lady Atheist).

Creationists win a disturbing victory in Turkey.

Islamists create bloody havoc in southern Thailand.

American fundamentalists show their true colors in Uganda -- and in Britain.

The National Intelligence Council looks at near-future technology.

The media are still dropping the ball on global warming.

There's now substantial evidence that pedophilia is an innate sexual orientation, like homosexuality.

Brooke Greenberg stopped aging at five.  If scientists can figure out why, the implications could be enormous.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Unfortunately Infidel, I got interrupted while reading and have to come back, but a couple thing's to menmtion here .... I sware I couldnt stop laughing every time I look at that bloody territorial map of the USA!

And that one fetishist thing with the priest was kick ass! I never even heard of that fetish before, so a thumbs up for the dude (priest) ... I mean ... crossdressing with meth in a rectory? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... orgasm heaven, eh? "Oh CUM all Ye Faithful"... tryin to run dem muzlims and their 70 virgin thing after they commit suicide some competition, eh? ... that was cool! : )

21 January, 2013 05:23  
Anonymous Blurber said...

On the article, "Creationism in Turkey"I wonder what planet the guy who said, "Why waste your time with Darwin when it is all in the Holy Qur'an written 1200 years previously ! Evolution, Relativity, Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, Molecular Biology is all there...! And more if you know how to read ! Read ! This is why the Moslem countries are the most advanced in Science and Technology in the world." is from!

24 January, 2013 03:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: The Catholic Church needs to stop letting seminarians get into their rectories -- that's unsafe sects!

Blurber: He's from an alternate Earth -- a flat one.

24 January, 2013 03:18  

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