03 June 2012

Link round-up for 3 June 2012

Where did we come from?  There are different views.

Have your picture taken with a horse.

Romney voter!

Animals see things differently.

A zombie apocalypse could have significant tax implications.

Add a touch of eldritch horror and madness to tea-time with the Cthulhu tea cozy (found via Mendip).

Here are ten health benefits Santorum wants you to deny yourself.

Pentecostalism:  Natural selection in action.

North Carolina: If you ignore reality, it will go away.

Believe in the Bible?  Try actually reading it.

They chose the job that suited them, just like anyone else.

The DNC may be AWOL in Wisconsin, but Bill Clinton does his part.

Leuser is 13 years old; he's blind, he's been shot 62 times, and his home is being destroyed.  Here's more on his story.

Don't panic about the bad jobs news -- instead, point out where the responsibility lies.

The Komen Foundation is still paying for its attack on Planned Parenthood.

The enthusiasm gap is now in Obama's favor.

Yes, the internet is relentlessly destroying religion.

A valid question -- does Romney believe all this?

Fracking comes to the city, at least in Texas.

Obama has seen the error of his earlier "post-partisan" fantasies and will fight like hell to beat the Republicans.  Some analysis here.

Blacks, like other Americans, are becoming more accepting of gay marriage.

Republicans hope that Hispanics will eventually lean their way, but it won't happen as long as they blatantly try to disenfranchise them -- a deep-rooted practice in Florida.

Don't believe religious bullying of atheists is a problem?  Try this.

Right-wing demonization of Obama is part of a tradition.

Some Mormons renounce their church's gay-hatred.

Romney won't distance himself from the nastiness on the right.

Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan denounces gay "immorality" while paying off pedophile priests.

Where can the righties flee if Obama wins?  Not Canada.

The euro currency was born of shady politics, and the business world is now preparing for its demise.  But the elites retain their arrogant disdain for democracy.

Greeks work much longer hours than Germans, even if no one else believes it.

Don't just look at Greece -- Portugal shows the failure of the whole right-wing economic package.

Austerity drives the best and brightest to emigrate.

As the Arctic ice retreats, resource-hungry Americans and Russians stake their claims.

Language is a hotly-contested issue in some places.

Putin wants to take over the internet (if you think this is at all benign, I have a series of tubes to sell you).

Some Saudis apparently think Ghostbusters was a documentary.

Six Pakistanis have been sentenced to death for dancing at a wedding.

Religious thugs force Lady Gaga to cancel her show in Indonesia -- but kudos to her for refusing to compromise and "tone down" her act.

The global economic slow-down endangers the stability of India (but in the long run I'd still bet on India to out-perform China -- totalitarianism is a crushing disadvantage in the information age).

Unmask the truth, go to prison.

Don't buy your high-tech in China.

Is the brown recluse coming to your town?

Some "beliefs" are the same everywhere.

Here's what the Sun does to your skin.

Was the domestication of the dog the key to our ancestors' victory over the Neanderthals?

Global-warming denialists resort to a campaign of threats to silence scientists, but more and more companies are distancing themselves from the lies.

Despite all that humanity has learned and achieved, some people just prefer rubbish.

Swiss researchers achieve full recovery for lab rats with spinal-injury paralysis.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link's Infodell ....

Actually "fracking" been going on in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex for several year's now, mainly on the Fort Worth side, I did some posting on it sometime back, they even had a fracking set up being built on my daughter's university campus in Arlington last I heard.

What a story about the 13 year old surviving over 60 bullet's, I thought it was a kid at first, not an Orangatan (spelling?)

As far as the Saudi's thinking GhostBusters was a documentary, I beat em to it, I already knew it was (just kiddin : ) But that brought back fond memories on the mention of that movie, I really liked it, even though it's been year's since I seen it ... I liked that part too when the new hire guy was applying for a job, and the secretary asked him if he believe's in paramormal shit and a list of other related ... and he said something like "I'll believe anything you want for a paycheck ... " ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, that's the American spirit : ) I got a kick out of that guy too that was a tax accountant of somekind, who would throw them client parties for yuppies, and tried hitting on the chick next door to him : ) Never give up my man : )

I still got some more to read though ....

03 June, 2012 17:17  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Actually that dancing at wedding's shit goes on in Afghanistan too, if you recall, some kind of Taliban rulez.

03 June, 2012 17:18  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I been intending to do a piece on the Lady GaGa tour situation because I been following it of course, and actually thought that they would finally give in and the show would go on, I just cant imagine that. I really feel sorry for the 50,000+ concert goer's of Jakarta, GaGa will make up that attendance worldwide, so it's not much lost to her production's. I also heard negative talk coming out of the Philippines too, and even Philippines has a growing hardline muslim movement, mind you that, that country for long was strongly catholic. But it's a damn shame for alot of fan's worldwide, because if they get away with this in that country, other's will try it. And GaGa getting threat's? geeezz, even christian fundamoralist's in America arent that freaked out (at least not most, and let's keep it that way). Now you can see why I dont like that shit in my country ... the muslim attack on art across the board is way too strict, not just music. Enough from me though.

04 June, 2012 05:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Cruel to orangutans, cruel to music fans -- I'm glad I don't live in Indonesia.

04 June, 2012 06:27  

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