24 June 2012

Link round-up for 24 June 2012

Picture number 1, every time.

Yee-hah!  Cristina Rad ("ZOMGitsCriss") now has a blog!

When you rite, get it rite.

Here's a music review from a religious perspective.

Sports headlines can be funny.

Yep, Pat Robertson is bonkers.

Is this inter-species oral necrophilia or what (found via Mendip).

Here's a blog for those who wish to truly serve Jesus.

Most internet trolls are probably just as bad in meatspace.

Jolly Roger, as Diogenes, finds an honest right-winger.

Explosive outrage in defense of faith could mean the truth is starting to get through.

Dismissing real news with jokes and zombie references can have serious consequences.

Some Christians get it.

A Michigan town used creativity to beat the teabaggers.

After Seamus the dog there was Super Hit the horse.  The Romneys' tax deduction on this horse is more than your whole annual income.

Charles Johnson unearths more revolting racism on the right.

The Catholic Church is evil beyond redemption -- the only thing a decent person can do is leave (found via Republic of Gilead).

The more we learn about Romney, the clearer it is that he's been an economically-destructive parasite.

Per a recent court ruling, this was "improper"Improper???

Under Jindal's voucherization of Louisiana education, state money will go to the teaching of utter lunacy.

A new study confirms -- the Ryan budget would raise taxes on most Americans while cutting them only for the rich.

Christian hate has deep roots.

The Mormon factor could still be a problem for Romney.

Yet another religious thug reacts to free expression with threats of violence.

Bush had ample warning of the September 11 attack.

True Biblical scholars quickly find out that religion and the intellect just don't mix (found via Republic of Gilead).

Business pays the price for cutting corners on personnel (NSFW blog).  But consider who's in charge.

However loathsome gay-marriage opponents are, our side shouldn't sink to the enemy's level.

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain marks its fifth anniversary.  And yes, there's a reason for the "Ex".

German neo-Nazis helped out their spiritual brothers in 1972.

The EU Commission is trying to get girls interested in science, a worthy aim, but its first music video is a horribly-embarrassing misfire.

From 2006 to 2011 the number of non-religious people in Australia increased by over a million.

Russia prepares a de-facto blasphemy law to protect religion from being called to account for its venality and hypocrisy.

This is going to mean trouble -- Turkey isn't going to take any crap from the two-bit gangster state in Damascus.

Religious logic:  The Taliban retaliate against US drone strikes by banning polio vaccinations for Muslim children.

Barbaric Saudi Arabia has executed a woman by beheading -- for the crime of sorcery.

There's a good reason why those Nigerian e-mail scams are so pathetically transparent (found via Mendip).

Gothic Atheist looks at the world's biggest parrot.

An unexpected element turns up in Iceland's gene pool (be sure to read Ed Skinner's comment).

A new find of ancient treasure in Germany reminds us that there's more to history than we know yet.

Some of our machines are now far beyond the home solar system, hurtling into interstellar space.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

"Barbaric Saudi Arabia has executed a woman by beheading -- for the crime of sorcery."

Who was the witness for the prosecution? Harry Potter?

Fundamentalist Religion: It'll make you believe, even if it kills you

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