17 June 2012

Link round-up for 17 June 2012

From Britain, a classic police cock-up.

Fedex mechanics are cool.

Here's the funniest Prometheus review on the net.

That "overly attached girlfriend" thing that's all over the place originated with this video, which is actually a lot cleverer than most of the posters (or whatever you call them).

Russian dashboard cams capture some dramatic moments.

Take that, Merkel.

In a real apocalypse, a bunker wouldn't save you.

How big is Los Angeles?

Orwell knew what journalism is (and this goes double for Danish cartoons).

Union leader, tax-raiser, abortion-legalizer, amnesty supporter -- Republican hero.

Alvin Plantinga's bleatings against the New Atheists fall flat.

"Leave it up to the states" -- we already tried that.

This list of degrees least likely to get you a job doesn't bode well for our future as a country.

Republicans have changedThis essay pretty much sums up what they are now.  This guy gets it.

Mormons pioneer a whole new style of confusion about sexuality.

Virginia Republicans, like those of North Carolina, think reality will go away if they ignore it (I keep wanting to make a King Canute joke, but he actually knew he couldn't stop the sea from coming in just by saying so).

The Obama campaign failed us in Wisconsin, and now the chickens come home to roost.

What group founded over 40% of Fortune 500 companies?  The answer might surprise you.

Brown Man has some choice words for the Republicans harassing Eric Holder.

The younger generation turns away from ancient superstition.

Ramona's Voices looks at Michigan Republicans' pearl-clutching fit over the word "vagina".  Romney too once had a problem with words.

Back in December Ashley Miller took a good look at Ron Paul.  Here's some of the response she got. Read this too.

If you're old or expect to become old someday, read this.

Don't let Jeb fool you -- the right wing is still bonkers, and losing in November won't improve things.

Religious leader Peter Lucas Moses thought his son might be gay, so he did the logical thing.

Obamacare drives a wedge between pragmatic Republicans and the utter loons.

US crime rates are lower than ever.

Republicans support the troops, unless they get raped.

A British former Prime Minister says Murdoch lied under oath.

The Falklands, once again under threat from Argentina, will hold a referendum.

Amnesty International says Europe is too tough on illegal migrants -- but Russia is about to get even tougher.

These Russian ladies have seen a lot.

Even for an anti-smoking campaign, the Islamotards just can't leave out the Jew-hating.

Egypt's interim military regime dissolves Parliament, thwarting the Islamists but also democracy.

The Japanese may finally be turning against the loathsome practice of killing whales for meat.

In Africa, Christian and Muslim leaders unite in hatred of gays.

This history of hysteria is hysterical.

The biology of the naked mole rat provides important clues to why aging happens.

Some of the ancient cave art in Europe may be the work of Neanderthals.


Blogger LadyAtheist said...

Excellent list. May take me a whole pot of coffee to get through this week... *sip*

17 June, 2012 07:51  
Blogger mendip said...

A wonderful List - thanks. Enjoyed the article about Virginia politicians fighting the idea of climate change, etc. But you must remember, they are consistent. Ol' Virginny has been in denial about anything occurring or discovered since 1865...

17 June, 2012 10:59  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Here's my review of Prometheus in one sentence.

A ship filled with stupid people goes to another planet and get themselves killed.

17 June, 2012 11:32  

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