11 June 2012

Link round-up for 10 June 2012 (delayed)

The man we lost last week was unbelievably prolific.

Ladies!  Sign up for the Reddit island utopia!

You could own this magnificent painting of Andrew Breitbart for a mere $3,995, except, uh.....

Instead, here's a painting of some real heroes (found via Deity Shmeity).

What would Jesus do?  Probably not this.

Here's philosophy, metaphysics, and theology defined.

Don't annoy this guy.

Limbaugh inspires a movement.

Behold the otherworldly nightmare that was Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania activist Steve Smith should go far in the Republican party of today.

Not even Ron Paul himself can make the Paultard cult face reality -- more here and here -- the comment threads are more revealing than the posts.

If you need motivation to vote in November, consider this.

Has California hit on a cure for teabaggerdom?

The parasite class wins, workers lose.

Christian moralists teach children to kill me.  And it gets worse.

The gateway to idiocy is open wide in Louisiana.

In today's economy, education is more important than ever.

Hate goes viral on YouTube (found via Republic of Gilead), but it's in retreat in society as a whole, and Obama deserves some credit.

Global-warming denialism is in retreat, but retains its grip on the Republican party.

Romney talks bullshit on the stimulus.

Yes, Wisconsin was a terrible defeat for unions -- but don't forget Ohio.

Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre has been found.

The "guilty men" who created the euro currency are now wrecking Europe to save it.  But the Socialists have won big in France's Parliamentary election, boosting Hollande's fight against austerity madness.

Israel now has submarine-based nuclear missiles -- courtesy of Germany.

As the Syrian regime resorts to mass murder, soldiers desert in droves.

There's now only one top al-Qâ'dah leader left alive.

As the Arctic warms, forests spread -- but it's not a good thing.

There is one way that works, and only one.

Harvard scientists are making remarkable progress in mapping the brain.

The Pentagon has plans for robots remote-controlled by human minds -- but Dmitry Itskov has a more ambitious idea.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link of the tundra to forest change from I09, it just caught my atencion, I can only imagine what it must look like to those who are familiar with the area (been there for year's) having so drastic change in their live's too. If you recall, we discussed the reflection thing a few year's back as a concerning issue, and YES ... you know this WILL accelerate warmth, I'm not even a bloody scientist and can figure out that one, as easy as figuring out what a distributor cap does for a car engine ... so these "deny-er's" are nothing more than "liar's" as far as I'm concerened.

Later Infodell ....

11 June, 2012 12:57  
Blogger Grundy said...

I love that comic 9gag posted by Phil Plait. The ZenPencils.com guy made it. He's also got some good stuff by Einstein and Carlin.

But my favorite is Sagan.

11 June, 2012 13:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: The Eskimos up there will notice it all right -- but even when they start needing air conditioning up there, the denialists in this country will still insist nothing's wrong (as long as the oil companies keep paying them to, anyway).

Grundy: Cool comic, thanks. 3,000 people would probably still be alive today if the 9/11 hijackers hadn't believed in an afterlife. I'll be checking out Zen Pencils.

11 June, 2012 14:09  

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