08 April 2012

Link round-up for 8 April 2012

I'm rooting for Gaylord Silly.

Religion wasn't designed for the internet.

Read texts from a dog (found via Mendip).

Evolution turns the tables.

Ye do err, not knowing the grammar.

I think we already know what's the hottest movie of the summer.

Hey Romney, try putting this one on the roof.

Republicans have a program -- and a way to sell it.

Which prayers does God answer?

PM Carpenter looks at The Hunger Games.

Here are some questions for Jesus-besotted Republican politicians.

David Javerbaum presents the quantum theory of Romney (found via Smartypants).

Gothic Atheist has an encounter with door-to-door religious pests.

Will the Paultards rally behind Romney? Maybe not.

32% of Americans are not religious in any meaningful sense.

I'd like to see the Pentecostals try "handling" this.

John Cole discusses why he abandoned the Republican party.

Lady Atheist looks at the absurdity of Easter.

Don't be fooled -- class differences exist and affect everything.

Libertarians want you to eat shit and die.

James Dobson's radio platform for bigotry seems to be turkeying out.

There's a stark contrast between Obama's tax plan and Romney's.

Normal people rally around Starbucks after NOM calls for a boycott of it (found via Republic of Gilead).

Nobody -- not even Republicans -- can trust Romney. And his biggest problem isn't his gaffes.

Arizona House Bill 2549 is evil.

Sorry, but on church and state, Reagan wasn't one of the good guys.

The price of gold doesn't mean anything.

Conservatives hate freedom and are causing a moral crisis.

When the EPA isn't moving, the grassroots must.

Mario Piperni looks at the idiocy of Nikki Haley.

The US auto industry's resurgence offers important lessons.

David Frum looks at what happens if Romney loses.

Don't worry about the deficit -- it will go away on its own, unless health-insurance reform is repealed.

Forced to address the war on women, Republican chairman Reince Priebus babbles about caterpillars. More on the real issues here.

The Trayvon Martin case reveals disturbing doublethink -- and brings another outpouring of racism from Fox News commenters.

The Democrats have a real issue to campaign on -- Republican crackpottery.

Racism still cuts deep, especially when unexpected.

Gingrich and Santorum may join forces -- against Romney.

NOM hopes to use minorities as a tool in its attacks on gays.

When the Republicans changed their nomination rules, they failed to anticipate the problem of crappy candidates.

Religion does real harm to real people, every day.

If you're not familiar with the sad story of Romney's dog Seamus, here's an introduction -- and here's what it means.

Fundamentalists' totalitarian mind-set is revealed by their weird taboo on masturbation.

The TSA is astonishingly expensive -- and ineffective.

Santorum talks nonsense about porn.

North Dakota is self-destructing. Alabama isn't far behind.

This Catholic priest needs to label his flash drives better.

Britain's tradition of honoring its best on its currency continues. Someday they should consider this man too.

British actors speak out against the return of sinister bigotry.

For once, British politicians look as stupid as ours -- more here.

Russian bloggers ferret out extravagance and photo-fakery in the case of the Patriarch's wristwatch.

Latin America's leaders admit the war on drugs has failed; when will ours?

Free trade is harming poor countries as well as rich ones.

A flag of freedom flies over Afghanistan.

Santorum doesn't want you to read these health tips.

California researchers discover a promising anti-cancer antibody, while MIT is exploring a nanoparticle approach.

March saw record high temperatures across the US -- more here. Texas must pay attention.

Dolphins have complex social lives, of which right-wingers would not approve.

If the Anglosphere doesn't lead the way into the Singularity, someone else will.


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

AZ bill 2549 is not the only draconian measure coming out of that state. Now they want to declare women pregnant two weeks before conception.


08 April, 2012 09:07  
Blogger dotlizard said...

You should really stop reading 9-gag and just come to Reddit, where they steal all that stuff from. Source: I used to do other things, now I am on Reddit :)

08 April, 2012 14:02  

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