15 April 2012

Link round-up for 15 April 2012

Be thankful to these people.

I don't watch TV and there's some truth to this.

If I were still a drinker, I'd go here (found via Republic of Gilead).

These Republicans would protect one minority group's right to vote (sent by Mendip).

Looking for a wife? The Bible offers advice.

Get eaten first (found via Mendip).

Of course He exists -- the holy book says so.

BuzzFeed has the best signs from the Reason Rally in Washington (I especially liked #11); Adam Lee has the clueless Christian responses.

Mark your calendars -- May 5, 2012 will be an unusual day of protest against right-wing prudery (found via Ranch Chimp).

Here's a great scheme for making money off of stupid rich people (found via Mendip).

Does Rick Santorum know about this? A French guy named Dr. Fagot is teaching monkeys to read four-letter words.

In Texas, politics becomes personal.

This quote could apply more broadly -- lighten up about jokes.

Getting hit by a baseball can be deadly.

Belief in Hell creates a pointless dilemma for friends of a dead teenage atheist.

Romney ties himself to the unpopular Republican stance on the birth-control mandate.

Indiana leads the nation in two important areas.

Jessica Ahlquist gets some more Christian love, while pastor-turned-atheist Teresa MacBain discovers just how shallow the real thing can be.

A major obstacle to progress is the "plague on both your parties" idiots.

Racist John Derbyshire is no friend of women either. And here's another flagrant racist at NRO. Maybe their readership is the issue. But racism pervades the dregs of society.

Romney will never outrun Seamus.

Now that we've defeated SOPA, we need to defeat its author.

Obama's ahead, but not decisively.

Most right-wingers aren't racist, but most racists are right-wing.

Nazis are a civil rights group, apparently.

School bullying claims another life in Texas.

Paul Ryan and his budget plan are far from centrist.

The Supreme Court is far from non-political.

Arizona Republicans impose a draconian anti-abortion law.

This California family really digs Christian ideas about child discipline.

The experience of earlier Democrats who ran against Romney suggests how best to exploit his problems with women voters.

The right wing claims the ACA mandate is unconstitutional -- but Washington, Adams, and Congress in the 1790s imposed similar mandates.

How resilient is liberal democracy?

The US teen pregnancy rate is at its lowest since 1946 -- but we're still not doing as well as other advanced countries.

European conservatives are different: London's conservative mayor bans ads for the Christian "ex-gay" scam from the city's buses.

Hundreds of women from Muslim families in Germany are in hiding from potential honor killings.

A high-profile case forces Germany to reconsider the taboo on consenting-adult incest.

At last, there's a charge and trial for the mass baby thefts carried out by the Catholic Church in Spain under Franco.

The President of Guatemala calls for sanity on the drug war.

Sign here to stop a Honduran law that would impose jail time for using contraception.

Never forget Du'a Khalil.

Sanal Edamaruku exposed the truth behind a "miracle" -- and that's when the trouble started.

You might be surprised at who was voted Britain's greatest historic military adversary.

So far, 2012 has shattered temperature records across the US -- and this drought isn't normal either.

German scientists have created a long-distance quantum link, the key to uncrackable secret communication (found via Mendip).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Infodell, Thanx for the link's. I couldnt believe that the NSM was in Sanford. I still have some of their zine's from the 1990's, I knew a gent who was an organizer for white seperatist's group's (cant mention his name here) and he had them send me a free year subscription to NSM, but Yes ... they are equivalent to I reckon the American Nazi movement, it's just I read so much of their stuff and the Church of W.A.R., I dont see why they would even jump into that ... time's must be tough, getting a lil publicity I reckon : )

Other than that ... were having rehearsal's here on the Ranch for the upcoming WankOut 2012 fest ... so I need to get ready (just kiddin : )

Later Infodell....

15 April, 2012 10:00  
Blogger LadyAtheist said...

epic collection, Infidel!

15 April, 2012 11:29  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The "Guardian/ Observer" piece is one of them issue's that everyone been quietly asking themselves at the top, but too many dont want to face the truth. I can tell you this, not even a sliver of reducing drug traffic has been a success, today in every major American city, the drug business does a well as WalMart, and it's 24/ 7/ 365 in your largest town's. Why dont many in the top talk about it like this man does? Because it is also big business for our prison and justice system. I'll shut up now.

15 April, 2012 19:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

LA: Thanks!

RC: The President of Guatemala gets it; ordinary Americans like you and me get it. Someday our leaders will have to get it -- I hope.

16 April, 2012 07:09  
Blogger LadyAtheist said...

The drug biz is alive and well in small cities, too. My town paper's big story today is about the increase of babies born with drugs in their systems.

16 April, 2012 07:09  

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