01 October 2011

Video of the week -- baring freedom


Look at her
No, don't take your eyes off her
She is hope
She is life
She is love
She is desire
She is the power to be
I missed you in the name [truth] of freedom
You are the power of existence
You are hope
You are life
You are love
You are desire
You are the power to be
The awakening is you
The sunrise is you
Rise again now
Freedom... freedom... freedom...


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Powerful video. I hope to see more Islamic women rise up against the males who keep them repressed because THEY can't control their sexual urges.

Make the Middle Eastern males wear a steel contraption around their genitals so females can safely walk the streets as normal females.

(Am I being too strident?)

01 October, 2011 16:22  
Blogger Nance said...

Good. So good.

01 October, 2011 17:22  
Blogger Ahab said...


01 October, 2011 19:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I hope women will take a more assertive role in the emerging Arab democracies. They certainly have a strong interest in fending off Islamism.

If men in Europe, America, Japan, etc. can be surrounded by normally-dressed women and still keep control of themselves, there's no reason why men in the Middle East shouldn't learn to do the same.

And, yes, it's so good. We don't quite realize how dehumanizing those full-body coverings are until we see what looks like a faceless thing emerge as a person.

01 October, 2011 19:31  
Blogger Ahab said...

"...until we see what looks like a faceless thing emerge as a person."

Despite the claims of some hijab apologists that such coverings enhance women's humanity, they do the opposite. That's the whole point, and it's very misogynist.

A man I went to grad school with remarked that women in hijab looked like piles of laundry to him, not people he could relate to. I have to agree -- it's easier to relate to someone when their heads and faces are visible.

02 October, 2011 17:59  

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