02 October 2011

Link round-up for 2 October 2011

TV has changed -- so have we.

Watch where you put that sticker.

So that's why yoga's so popular.

Don't mess with this Jane Austen club.

Yes indeed, the insanity needs to stop (sent by Ahab).

I guess this is trickle-down management.

It's War of the Worlds with bunnies (found via Mendip).

Here are fifty reasons to reject evolution.

Yep, a lot of MSM reporting on science is pretty much like this.

What golds up, must come down. More here (my own take here).

It's still a month to go to Halloween, and Pat Robertson is already blathering about the Devil.

LOL God collects more Christian love.

Ben Cochran needs to not be in the medical profession.

"Full-blown sexual paganization of society" -- now that sounds like a program I can support! (Here's what the right-wing alternative really looks like.)

Well, it's not a SlutWalk, but for Salt Lake City, it's a step (found via What Would Jack Do).

Anyone who's still believing that "$16 muffin" story, read this.

Even after bullies drove 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer to suicide, they didn't relent.

Maggie Gallagher lies about Frank Turek.

Is Gandhi in Hell?

A Christian researcher looks at how churches drive young people away.

The Christian Right's agenda threatens the rights of millions of people, including Romney.

Click here to oppose Cliff Stearns's attack on Planned Parenthood.

All those young Christians are as human as the rest of us (found via Republic of Gilead).

Yeah, Newt, I bet there were people in 1920 who thought women having the vote was a temporary aberration too.

Parsley's Pics has posted its last right-wing review, so go and savor the crazy while you can.

Scott Lively's paranoia about gays is just getting worse (found via Republic of Gilead).

Joseph Cannon
and Feminisnt have well-worth-reading critiques of the Occupy Together protests (Jack Jodell has another view). I'm undecided about the movement myself, but a clear agenda and leadership are essential if it is to accomplish anything.

In 1944 Southern justice executed George Stinney, who, like Troy Davis, may well have been innocent. He was 14.

On the deficit, the public trusts Obama far more than it trusts the Republicans.

George Washington wouldn't have approved of Bachmann's anti- Gardasil stand.

If Perry's stance on illegal aliens doesn't doom him, his new image as the male Sarah Palin surely will. But Republicans have a bigger problem than just finding the right candidate -- more here (must- read, found via Republic of Gilead).

A volatile political environment presents Democrats with great risks and opportunities.

The bad guys will be going all out to stop Elizabeth Warren.

Economists say Obama's jobs plan will prevent another recession.

Energized Ohioans are winning their fight against Republican vote- suppression schemes, while the Supreme Court blocks an even nastier law in Texas.

The Catholic Church, which once threatened Galileo with torture for saying that the Earth revolves around the Sun, is meddling in science education in France. And as in the days of the Muhammad cartoons, the Pope wants to fight against secularism, not against Islam (found via Republic of Gilead).

Another victim confronts Strauss-Kahn.

Yesterday Denmark, tomorrow France? Socialists win the French Senate for the first time since 1958.

Don't be fooled by this week's Bundestag vote -- Germany is on the verge of rebellion against the EU's usurpation of democracy, as establishment political figures openly challenge the sacred cows of "ever closer union".

The Greek people prepare for a bitter struggle against EU-imposed austerity policies, with major strikes and a middle-class tax revolt.

The same policies have given Spain the worst unemployment rate in the developed world, prompting a dissolution of Parliament.

Mexico contemplates trial marriage.

The spread of Protestantism in Brazil fuels hatred and violence (found via Republic of Gilead).

Even the Wall Street Journal now recognizes that free trade with China is doing the US much more harm than good.

Nigerian Nobel-prize-winning author Wole Soyinka is one of us.

Pakistani sorcerer Muhammad Akram has colossal balls.

The Bahrain regime continues its ruthless repression of protest.

Libya's rebels are secular, but Qaddhafi's regime imposed strict SharĂ®'ah.

Here's a real pro-life demonstration -- in Moscow.

The rise of Tumblr has been driven by porn (as was the initial rise of the internet, the VCR, the camera, and probably the pencil).

Global warming is destroying millions of acres of forest, including within the US.

Stock traders have traits in common with psychopaths.

Science fiction? No, it's the Air Force.

No one can deny that animals have feelings like ours.


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Interesting to read the different perspectives re Occupy. The responses to Feminist's article are to be expected but it was rather brave to put up an opinion that wasn't just another cheering squad. I'm pro one minute and not so much the next. I do have serious concerns about the anarchist elements, however - and they're pretty glaring.

02 October, 2011 07:21  
Blogger Commander Zaius said...

Science fiction? No, it's the Air Force.

Not your usual comment here but army types, both active and retired like me, sometimes feel the fly boys and girls must think they can walk on water. About every twenty years or some Air Force desk jockey comes up with a report claiming the Air Force can do everything the other services do including the navy.

It always revolves around the concept of air power and delievery of massive amounts of bombs and or missiles. Of course when they pull some out of the box stunt their pilot usually gets shot down with the wreckage of some multi-million dollar plane loaded up for scientists in Russia and now China to inspect.

Bunch of blued suited weenies.

03 October, 2011 00:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

LP: Obviously it's early yet to tell where this will go, if anywhere. I just would hate to see the energy and enthusiasm that should go into the election campaign get sidetracked into something that won't achieve anything due to lack of a clear program.

BB: I don't have enough knowledge to take sides among the military services. I didn't get the feeling you're describing from those videos, though.

03 October, 2011 08:43  

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