25 September 2011

Quotes for the day -- the right-wing mind

"The only way forward to a Grand Bargain is by calling the GOP bluff on taxes and going to the country on it. Once the Tea Party seized the House, this was always the likeliest scenario. Obama tried extremely hard to avoid it - which is what precipitated the last year of humiliations - which have taken a toll on his ratings and, far more dangerously, wounded his authority as president. And so, he has been forced into political contrast. To blame Obama for this seems absurd to me [.....] the current Republican party is a radical, extremist, reckless force that is far more concerned with defeating this president than in reforming the country on bipartisan lines."

Andrew Sullivan, who has plenty more to say

"We talk a lot about the seven centers of power or the seven mountains, asking God to come. If you are ever in any interces- sion set here at the house of prayer, you will find us often crying out God move on the hearts of the family; awaken the church in the West, in this city awaken the church; we cry out for the government, we’re in capital city and we better be crying out to the government; pray for the campuses and the youth to be moved; that God will move and change the media’s heart that He would begin to cause them to speak truth; that He would come and move in the marketplace and awaken and bring His people the finances to literally fund the Kingdom of God; that He come and move in every area in arts and entertainment. Those are the seven mountains of influence that God would begin to move, and we cry out for that because God wants to come, the Holy Spirit wants to come and it is like hot molten lava that He would literally sweep over every area."

Perry campaign leader Pam Olsen, who seems to have things on her mind


Blogger Unknown said...

I always find it interesting that the GOP bitches about intrusive govt and too many regs...but they have no problem regulating the hell out of things they don't agree with..like a woman's uterus and how we use or don't use them. They also bitch about corporate welfare for the green energy industry but refuse to cut the corp welfare for BigOil or the Corporatocracy in general.

Funny how that works.

26 September, 2011 11:56  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Lordy mercy! Did Pam Olsen really say all that? Er, what exactly was she saying anyway? Does she even have a mind?

27 September, 2011 09:13  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

DHMVB: Funny indeed. They're all in favor of freedom -- except where it really counts, in a concrete visceral way instead of economic abstractions.

LP: These people can be pretty incredible when they get going. We want God to come and God wants to come and it's going to be like hot molten lava all over everything? Was she even listening to herself? I think this relegious fervor has some pretty strong sublimation in it.

27 September, 2011 10:01  

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