25 September 2011

Link round-up for 25 September 2011

Real music has staying power.

Yep -- one of each.

"Red" the greyhound is a clever dog.

Macavity takes the bus for fish and chips. He's lucky he didn't take this train (found via Mendip).

Here's job creation in a nutshell.

Never question that which is holy.

Yesterday was National Punctuation Day (found via Mendip).

There's more to the world of Harry Potter than meets the eye.

A good man needs some support.

Good grief, has TV really gotten this bad?

The Atheist Camel has questions for Perry.

If you use Craigslist, watch out for this scam.

From Oklahoma comes a horrifying story of police abuse.

Most Americans don't realize how unequal the distribution of wealth actually is.

Some rich people are good, others are not.

William Kristol watched the debate and says "Yikes."

Obama's polling surprisingly well in Texas.

Technology helps people stay in a bubble -- and craziness festers.

We'll never know, but Washington police may have prevented a massacre.

Joseph Cannon looks at the "fascism is leftist" nonsense.

Focus on the Family is shrinking.

2000 wasn't enough? Nader wants to screw up another election.

For the left to make progress, we need intelligent pragmatism.

Parsley's Pics has another right-wing review up. Republicans have launched almost a thousand state-level anti-abortion bills -- just imagine what could happen if the next two or three Supreme Court appointments are made by a Republican President.

Here's another reminder of what's at stake next year.

These people will vote -- will you?

"Of course this is a war on birth control."

Pension plans are under attack nation-wide.

Obamacare is beginning to work.

Pennsylvania Republicans' electoral-vote scheme could backfire.

Obama's jobs plan is economic patriotism.

Congressional teabaggers' obstruction of disaster relief is hurting their own constituents.

There's another book coming out on Palin.

The Air Force cracks down on proselytizing.

You probably don't know just how deranged the Catholic concept of infallibility really is.

There are practical reasons why irrational belief systems target children.

Lady Gaga is a more moral person than some fundies. A sad story from New York reminds us what's still at stake.

Yes, there is class warfare going on.

Rachel Maddow examines the torrent of nonsense being talked about prayer and Texas.

Here's another example of what we're up against.

This may be the moment when Perry lost the nomination to Romney.

Andrew Sullivan looks at the disgusting booing of a soldier by the Republican debate audience. If the right won't rebuke that, are we entitled to judge them all?

The "let him die" moment illuminates the libertarian mentality. Actually, most of the uninsured are in red states. Green Eagle thinks the right's fascination with death has a sinister meaning.

A former Randroid takes a more critical view.

Here are five things all the Republican Presidential candidates agree on.

Texas schools gradually come back to reality on sex education.

Amazon warehouse workers need a union.

It's hard to deal with people who don't operate in the real world.

Could serious social unrest erupt in the US?

Highlighting the contrast between the US right and its overseas counterparts, Britain's Conservative Prime Minister supports gay marriage.

A major Muslim conference in London condemns terrorism.

British scientists demand better school standards.

Germany's Oktoberfest attracts a new crowd.

European Christianity is no ally against Islam -- in Germany, the Pope attacks secularism and praises the religiosity of Muslims.

As German conservatives implode, the new Pirate party rises in Berlin.

The barbaric practice of bullfighting has been banned in Catalonia.

A New Zealand preacher experiences the blessings of faith.

Yes, I heard about that bizarre neutrino speed measurement at CERN -- but it will be a long time before we know what it means, if anything.

If I lived near Fargo ND, I'd be attending Project 42.

The skeptical community has a blind spot.

Here's more on the global-warming denialists' goofy misunder- standing of that CERN paper on cosmic rays.

"And the story it told of a river that flowed, made me sad to think it was dead....."

British scientists make a breakthrough on cancer.

A new study shows why exercise benefits the brain.

Here's the latest use of 3-D printing: artificial blood vessels.

Researchers re-create a powerful antibiotic -- from fifty-nine million years ago.

Maria Konovalenko has a report from the SENS5 conference in Cambridge, which showcased cutting-edge medical research and development from around the world.


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Spot-on list. So many good ones but I particularly recommend the article about whether we are entitled to judge the entire GOP-TP on account of the booing. The argument that we are is very compelling.

25 September, 2011 08:55  
Blogger Nance said...

I homed in on the fruit and nut combo and on Red, that clever dog, who is actually a Lurcher. Wiki sez: "...the working instinct of a sheepdog when mated with a sighthound gives a dog of great intelligence plus speed - prerequisites for the hunter/poacher." And jailbreaker.

And, naturally, on the article about proselytizing in the USAF. "In a major victory for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the Air Force’s highest ranking general has sent out a memo to all officers telling them that they cannot use their position to push their religious views on those under their command."

Short story. In 1984, I needed exploratory surgery to determine the nature of a large and scary mass. My husband was a Major at Langley. His commander at the time sent home the message that he and his church would like to come to my home to try to heal me with a laying on of hands. I'd set eyes on the man once. My husband never said exactly how he conveyed my refusal, but I'm pretty sure he didn't drip the acid I did or that the situation called for.

25 September, 2011 09:06  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

LP: Thanks. Trouble is, quite a lot of them would probably be proud to be judged that way.

Nance: The fact that there are so many hard-line fundies in the military is a bit disturbing. I hope we're keeping the End Times / Armageddon nutters away from the H-bombs, at least.

25 September, 2011 09:40  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

As usual a banquet of riches in these links. My favorite is the one on exercise and brain health.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off for my walk/jog.

25 September, 2011 12:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

SK: Very wise -- I did a walk today too.

25 September, 2011 18:23  

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