17 July 2011

Link round-up for 17 July 2011

Bootleg fireworks provide entertainment.

DJ kittens create techno-scratch.

Deal with it -- Harry Potter's better.

The end of the world has a long history.

Russian hair salon owner Olga Zajak taught a burglar a good lesson.

This Japanese night-club is.....different.

Palin's film isn't exactly packing in the crowds.

A fundie preacher explains the real cause of economic problems: demon-shagging in high places (found via Politics Plus).

Murr Brewster looks at floods, flatlands, and well-funded self- delusion.

Learn the new official language, Teabonics (found via [an older posting on] Parsley's Pics).

Believe them when they tell you, the country is going broke (found via Hello Mr. President).

This story about rabbis ordering a dog stoned to death, which I linked to earlier, was false (found via Daphne Anson).

Qaddhafi? Unemployment? Default threats? No, what's outraging America is a slight price increase at Netflix.

A childhood spent with books builds the mind for life.

Here's a huge surprise: Ann Coulter doesn't understand how technological innovation works.

A Christian questions how the Rand cult meshes with Christianity.

Good riddance.

An escapee describes the viciousness of Mormon "gay conversion" therapy (found via Republic of Gilead).

Click here to sign a petition against the persecution of whistle- blower EllenBeth Wachs in Florida (found via Preliator pro Causa).

The movie industry looks set to repeat the disastrous mistakes of the music industry.

Try the ISI civic literacy exam (found via Politics Plus) -- I got 32 of 33 questions right.

Someone is harassing employees of the Florida Museum of Natural History.

The meat industry is pushing laws to ban filming of how they treat animals. Here's why (found via What Would Jack Do).

"Green" projects now account for more US jobs than the fossil-fuel industry.

Here's what Republicans have been doing since their 2010 win -- hardly surprising considering what they believe. Yes, defeating Obama is their top goal -- McConnell just said it again.

Romney rejects the theocratic "Family Leader" pledge Bachmann signed. More on the pledge here.

Need a reason to vote next year? Here are four.

Most of the current deficit originates with Bush.

The latest poll on the economy shows Democrats in the stronger position.

Oliver Willis has some sensible ideas for reforming US capitalism.

Increased profits don't raise wages -- they come at the expense of wages.

Banks lobby for more of the same deregulation that caused the recession.

Orrin Hatch needs to look at the distribution of wealth in the US.

Here's a look at how extreme inequality can damage a society.

Is socialism killing the private sector?

It's dawning on Republicans that their hostility to gay marriage is a political negative.

Oklahoma's governor -- a Republican, naturally -- calls for prayers against the heat wave.

Obama closes the trap the Republicans built for themselves. More here. Some say he knew they were bluffing.

If Obama does use the Fourteenth Amendment option, what are the Republicans going to do about it -- sue to force the country into default?

Big business raises the pressure on House Republicans to cut a deal, and other countries are getting worried. Boehner is starting to school the House teabaggers on economic and political reality.

Would the public blame Obama for a default? McConnell doesn't seem to think so.

Bernanke and the CBO explain how cutting spending too fast would harm the economy.

Is it true that Cantor owns shares in a fund that shorts Treasury debt, and thus would personally profit from a default? Sort of.

On Perry's watch, Texas's government debt has grown faster than the federal debt.

This year's Tea Party convention has been canceled due to lack of interest (found via Green Eagle).

Frank Schaeffer looks at the theocratic roots of the debt-ceiling crisis.

As the Murdoch phone-hacking scandal engulfs Britain, recall that Murdoch's main property in the US, Fox News, has been accused of similar abuses.

Far fewer people in the US say they accept evolution than in other advanced countries (predictable, since the US is more religious).

Here's a relic of a student anti-war protest movement that really took guts (found via Mendip).

For ten years Portugal has had the most liberal drug laws in Europe, and the experiment is a huge success.

An American in Britain has a revealing encounter with socialized medicine (read the comments too).

The Vatican still isn't cooperating with Ireland's investigations of molesting priests.

Government cuts in Britain may already be costing lives.

Australia gets tough on face-covering Muslim head-gear, while a better alternative wins the day in Austria.

India's Tata Group launches a product that could improve life for billions: a basic house that can be built in a week and costs $700.

Egyptians and Tunisians return to the streets to protest interim leaders' foot-dragging on reform.

The US formally recognizes the Libyan rebels as their country's legitimate government. The regime's forces are weakening, as captured soldiers confirm.

Syrians are still being murdered in the streets by their rulers. There are things we can do to help.

Saudi women who win scholarships to study abroad can't use them unless accompanied by a male "guardian" (found via Butterflies and Wheels).

Why does the US have a shorter life expectancy even than other countries with similar obesity problems? Rising inequality is a big part of the reason.

Tornadoes and hurricanes aren't the biggest climate threat -- the current "drought" and heat in much of the US may actually be the beginning of desertification.

Yesterday was the 66th anniversary of the world's first nuclear explosion.

If there's life on other planets, it will be much weirder than our movies depict it.

You've heard of 3D printing -- now watch it in action (found via Mendip). But read this too.

A second human clinical trial of stem-cell therapy for macular degeneration has begun in California (the first trial began earlier this year). Work on a treatment for paralysis inches forward.

Uncertainty about funding and regulation continues to hold back the US in the field of stem-cell research.

Several specific genes associated with human longevity have been identified.

I wish I'd been at this lecture on efforts to save five billion lives (visuals here).


Blogger LadyAtheist said...

Wow what a great list. This reminds me of my days in NYC when I bought the Times every Sunday then wondered how I would ever read it all. (I never did, of course)

17 July, 2011 07:25  
Blogger Ahab said...

As always, your link round-up rocks. Thanks again for the good articles.

The New York Times article on desertification might startle some, but the issue needs to be talked about openly. Desertification could have a huge impact on the U.S., as it has in Africa.

17 July, 2011 07:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

LA: Thanks. Don't miss the demon-shagging-in-high-places one. Every time we think the fundie preachers can't get any nuttier, they prove us wrong.

Ahab: I can't help noticing that the worst climate effects are happening in the parts of the country where large numbers of people refuse to believe anything is really changing. One can only hope reality starts to dawn on them.

17 July, 2011 08:19  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Infodell, and one Hell of a set of link's I may add.

A few of so many that caught my atencion though. Such as piece's from "Technology Review" on stem cell work. Back a few year's ago when I first got online (yep, I was later than the rest of ya'll :) I noticed all the controversy on gvmnt funding vs. private funding of this, then especially how the right wing crowd was jumping all over "life" issue's and such, I asked myself what in Hell is going on? ... these are "pro- life" folk's!, knowing there had to be someone pushing their button's and directing this, cause it just dont make any cotton pickin sense anyway you slice it. But again, I feel that this is another right wing big business scam, so that again, gvmnt's (people) dont have their hand's into any of this, and only major corporate intervention in total control, but that's just me, you know the kind of feller I am, and I'm very pro- business. But SO MANY breakthrough's are coming in stem cell work by the week it's so fast! Even cardio- vascular surgeon's may even start getting a bit upset, or those in that field still trying to avoid bankruptcy from their student loan's :) because major recent beakthrough's in stem cell that will eliminate all these bypass surgeries and the astronomical cost's ... after all ... it's all business too.

The green job's thing from "Solve Climate News" ... what has got me over this, is how many time's over the year's here in Texas amongst right wing folk's that I personally know, have been thinking that I am some green freak that want's to shut down the world, ride bike's and live in mud hut's or such, I get criticized into debate on this probably more than any other subject. As I have posted in my earliest posting's for instance ... green tech's is the MEGA business of future, I wasnt AGAINST petro/ energies producer's in those statement's ... I was simply saying that they would BE SMART to invest big time in these tech's with their oil revenue's, and they would come out winner's, and I would bet my paycheck there. This is so deep too. But yes, I got alot of feedback on this issue in person to person as well as on local conservative talk radio I called in alot on. One of my favourite U.S mayor's was Gavin Newsom of San Francisco (and congrat's to the Lt. Gov of California now, I look forward to seeing him Gov in the near future too), very sharp thinking on making green big business!

Later Guy ....

17 July, 2011 08:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: The stem-cell research obstructionism is just religious taboo-think. Not too much should be read into the "pro-life" label -- that's just code for being anti-abortion. Doctors overwhelmingly support medical research to provide them with better tools for treating patients.

As for global-warming denialism, the irony is that most of that ultimately is funded by the fossil-fuel industry which is trying to keep us locked into obsolete technology, whereas green energy is what will spur technological innovation and new jobs.

17 July, 2011 09:21  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

A tad else I would like to add ... I would like to see our gvmnt actually invest even more in everything from stem cell to green tech's, and anything we can get our hand's o0n, and less on these multi billion dollar defense and private mercenary contract's which strangle our taxes and gvmnt enormously, not that I dont feel the pain in the middle east, but because if we dont start helping ourselves, we wont have anything left to help anyone else in time. Ou rcurrent largest unseen battle in America is the corporate sector, which is global across the board, has been trying to shut gvmnt out of everything, and even close down gvmnt services, building's etc, so that they can buy/ sell everything to the highest bidder basically. We need to understand how crucial it is to us across the board to have "gvmnt", NOT privately owned, because once that happen's ... the people no longer have ANY voice whatsoever. Everything we see from the budget crisis to defense spending, HCR, is all designed to minimize and eliminate gvmnt, period. All this talk in the budget crap room, over the GOP repeatedly saying that they want to work with the President, is all all BS and proof that nothing significantly will be acble to get done, they wont let the President, period, and anything we do get will be so rigged by special budget interest's as well.

The GOP has one objective since 2009, that is to take a majority in both houses and the Oval Office by 2013, deregulate all they can, repeal HCR and reverse anything that was in favour of gvmnt revenues, sell as much gvmnt business they can to the highest bidder which will most likely be Arab and Chinese based investor's and such. Meaning, one would have to be piss drunk or just plain ole dumb to think that anything truely bipartisan or thinking about the country or kid's or other nonsensical crap that they tell us they care about. The GOP's goal is to only make this President and Administration look as bad as they can and blame as much that they can on them in the next year. So even Boehner and Obama playing golf and holding hands dont even mean jack squat ... that's be like me playing golf with a catholic priest/ bishop, trying to see what we have in common, and work out, we care "adversaries", and as long as that rule's, it will be that way, no other.

17 July, 2011 09:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

The GOP has one objective since 2009, that is to take a majority in both houses and the Oval Office by 2013,

Naturally so, but they seem to have blown it. The big-business community that funds their campaigns is going to be a lot more careful about donating money now that the Republicans came so close to wrecking everything by playing chicken with the debt ceiling, while the teabaggers will be enraged that they didn't actually drive off the cliff. A lot can happen in a year and a half, but right now, I'd be surprised if the Republicans don't lose their House majority next year.

17 July, 2011 09:26  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Sorry about all the type-O's, I ddint even reread/ proof read it, my incompetence.

17 July, 2011 09:28  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

GOP losing their new power? That would be a fantasy of mine come true!

17 July, 2011 09:30  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

I fell in love with the picture at the top. I love pigs - the 4-legged variety, that is. They really are quite intelligent - more so than many of the 2-legged types. And then I linked to the heart-breaking story about the meat industry. I couldn't even watch the video; the story was enough. No wonder the industry wants to ban the filming of slaughter houses. I hope they don't succeed but I'm sure they will.

I took the civic literacy test for the second time and did worse than I did the first time!!!

LadyAtheist is right but I sure enjoy what I do get to.

17 July, 2011 19:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: The teabaggers exemplify precisely the kind of extremism and inflexibility that the American system is designed to keep away from the levers of power. If they destroy themselves with their recent behavior, it would be a textbook case of the system working.

LP: It was learning about pigs that started me on the road to, eventually, full vegetarianism.

I started the video, but couldn't finish it. I can't imagine most people being able to continue patronizing that industry if they did watch it.

17 July, 2011 19:10  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

That's also the way I see it Infodell as far as these Teabag's, and especially these religious fundamoralist group's that have been seeming to get a lil too bold, really ... and alot of time both these two are in the same cult ... this is against what America stand's for. I dont hate Republican idea's at all either, I am truely being balanced and fair, when I say that this is a "time", where you do not want to have too many of them (Rep's) in power, this is a very DELICATE time were in.

I noticed Leslie's mention of the pig's and liking them. Never took much notice in the critter's myself, but I have a old buddy Ruben(Joe) who has a pet pig, it was his daughter's, they named it "Porky" (just like folk's have pet dog's or cat's sense) ... oddly he (Porky) loved my shoe's everytime I was at his house just hanging out, rubbing his head on them, etc ... foot fetish? ... perhap's gay? I havent the faintest. But when I was a teen, I worked on a pig farm as well in upstate New York (Industry) a correction's place for guy's between 14 and 17 yr's old, I witnessed quite a bit of animal cruelty there by inmate's, I'll spare ya'll the detail's though.

That story BTW from Mail Online on the Russian beauty shop owner "Olga" was quite a compelling read, in a fetishistic sense I reckon too ... poor guy, eh? (maybe not for some :)

18 July, 2011 02:35  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Re: the OK governor's call for a day of prayer to ask for rain on July 17 (yesterday), I looked at the weather forecast and it looks like sunshine for the rest of the week.

18 July, 2011 10:05  
Blogger John Myste said...

Good riddance.

When I hovered over the link, I laughed out loud.

Good humor.

18 July, 2011 21:49  

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