26 June 2011

Link round-up for 26 June 2011

A road trip through the South encounters ominous signs.

Alexandria VA has curious safety priorities.

Louis CK looks at why people object to gays.

Women in New Zealand are going wild for an innovative new beverage. Offer to buy one for the next lady you meet in a bar!

This may be the dumbest fence-building mistake ever (found via Mendip).

Here's a take-down of some standard Christian clich├ęs.

Murr Brewster watches the Portland Pride Parade and considers the future of equality.

Ranch Chimp pays tribute to Lady Gaga.

Last weekend's Seattle SlutWalk looks like a fun event.

An MRA in church probably isn't there for the religion stuff.

Family values evolve over time.

Explore the dark sexual undertones of.....Captain Hook? (found via Mendip).

Check out the 100 longest Wikipedia articles -- some are just lists, but does The Young and the Restless really merit a longer article than Hitler?

Here's one pastor who understands why Christianity has an image problem.

As migration depopulates the Great Plains, it may be time to bring back the buffalo.

The Christian Right finally finds some religious-themed public art that it objects to.

What's the problem with Texas? Demons, apparently. But there are good people there too.

The "Give us your cash, bitch" ad works its magic on Republicans' image in California.

Gingrich didn't realize his Tiffany credit line would need to be disclosed.

Huntsman's campaign kick-off wasn't exactly a masterpiece of organizational competence.

Bachmann hates socialism, except in her own case.

Parsley's Pics looks at the four brave Republicans who made the New York victory possible. Ed Brayton and Good As You have round-ups of right-wing reactions; see also (inevitably) Maggie Gallagher.

Yes, an uninsured person can get medical care in the US, and James Verone has proven it.

The Old Testament is invoked to justify a modern stoning -- in Philadelphia.

Don't be chicken -- boycott Chick-Fil-A.

Robert Lee's enthusiasm for the Bible didn't stop him from abusing a child to death -- but then, why would it?

Van Jones eloquently explains the differences between us and them (read about his potential lawsuit).

Several Congressional Democrats (and Ron Paul) try to repeal Prohibition.

Congress can balance the budget by doing nothing at all.

Obama's cautious line on Afghanistan carries little domestic political risk.

The CIA's standard plan for destabilizing a target government is being followed in an unlikely place -- and some Democrats are starting to point it out.

Voters are still moving away from the Republicans, especially the governors (but note that Brewer surged in popularity after signing the Arizona anti-illegal-alien law, and may well use the same issue again).

House Democrats vow to fight for Social Security.

Romney and Bachmann emerge as the candidates of, respectively, the Sane and Nutty factions of the right, but Rick Perry also has his supporters (found via Republic of Gilead), there are dark horses to consider, and Palin could still upset the whole applecart (snicker).

A partnership between Delta Airlines and Saudi Arabia leads to accusations that the airline condones Saudi anti-Jewish policies; Delta denies it. The airline has other issues, though (found via Mendip).

Modern pagans celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge.

The British use the same language as we do, but sometimes with a style all their own.

Gypsy artists challenge stereotypes in Europe.

Young Norwegians launch an eye-catching campaign against deforestation.

The Elvis cult lives on -- in Denmark.

Der Spiegel recently published research confirming that the English people are mainly of Germanic origin; the story set off a tongue-in-cheek tabloid war of stereotypes between the two countries.

The struggle for secular education continues in Ireland.

Britain's Parliament is reforming the country's most disgraceful law.

Silvana Koch-Mehrin committed such gross academic fraud that the University of Heidelberg withdrew her PhD -- but that didn't stop the EU Parliament from giving her a plum appointment (she later resigned under pressure from scientists).

As Spain's economy stagnates under EU-imposed austerity poli- cies, the educated young seek a future in the booming economies of Latin America. In Greece, facing similar EU plans that would hit the poor hard while letting the rich continue to avoid taxes (sound familiar?), the protest movement promises the mother of all fights.

Even the pro-EU Der Spiegel now describes the euro currency as "the greatest threat to Europe's future". Greece may need to leave the euro currency zone to escape its problems; some in Britain want to cut Greece loose.

The real problem is the shift of power from democratic national governments to unaccountable EU institutions and market forces, which are spreading ruin and anger across Europe. Meanwhile the EU is spending over $300 million on a lavish new headquarters for itself, which will be finished in 2014 -- but will there still be an EU then?

This widely-seen map is a lie (found via Daphne Anson).

As rebels gain ground in western Libya and close in on Tripoli, diplomats flock to their Benghazi headquarters.

The Iranian theocracy is still trying to build nukes and abusing political prisoners.

While Republicans cut US investment in infrastructure, China literally races ahead.

Britain is building a new flying machine combining the features of airship and airplane.

Environmentalism is fighting to save not nature, but ourselves.

Type 2 diabetes, long thought incurable, can now be cured by a tough diet.

If you want children to learn, teach them to ask smart questions instead of stupid ones.

We should stop performing cruel experiments on close relatives.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Infodel!

Just still going through this bunch while eating my Cherrio's and orange juice, lot's of goodies here of course.

The Chinese train is a sight, I meant to do a posting on it sometime back, but so much to post and havent got to it yet. But yes ... the Chinese infrastructure thing (Oliver Wilis) has been a huge Chinese investment, and of course, you know how desperate China has been for year's for that! However, that is why I want to be friend's also so bad with our friend's, (we need their business) and even though they hold such a large portion of our debt, I want them to remember what has made all this investment possible (us), be friend's and have a good future of trade and business together.

BBC Travel on the salute to the King ... another one of my favourite countries (no, never been there) Denmark! Love ya'll Dane's! I must confess though, I accidentally jumped all over the post first because I thought it was about a necrophilia coven :) ... oh well ...

Liberal Values, on God's Own Party, not agreeing with Ron Paul on stopping pot prohibition ... that's the funny thing about the GOP, I mean ... I voted Republican most of my life, and alwayz smoked pot when I did, and cant remember any Republican that I knew (this is true) that DIDNT smoke pot! Tell them they'll let the pharma companies control it, they'd treat it like a gift from God. They also say they are pro- life, but against stem- cell research?, dont make a damn lick o' sense ... probably from smoking too much pot though, sfter all ... after I quit smoking pot, I started voting Democrat.

Pharyngula ... Um, um, um ... still exorcizing (spelling?) demon's in Texas, eh? ... Aint doin a very good job ... They havent got rid of me yet! But no ... all caca aside ... Excorcism in Texas, is about as big as Brujeria here, even in Miami and Mexico, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) Long story though

As far as Blonde Nonbeliever's scary road trip ... take it from a Texan, and do as we used to do down in rural Southeast Texas when we went hunting (smoking pot of course back then) ... we would just take our rifle's ... aim, and nail the shit out of the sign's, or ... if your anti gun ... you can just put some of your feces in a plastic bag ... and be creative with it on the sign.

Love as alwayz to all ... Commie Tommie aka Ranch Chimp :)

27 June, 2011 06:47  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks for a great sampling around the 'net. I especially enjoyed Blonde Nonbeliever's site.

Until I visited the south, I was totally unaware of the sort of phenomena BN documented. I grew up in the Northeast where the Catholics were the fanatics and the Protestants were reasonable.

28 June, 2011 04:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: It would be nice if the Chinese regime also wanted to be friends with us, but unfortunately they seem to be stuck in a territorial-expansionist phase which is almost a century out of date in the developed world. Would also be nice if Congress would invest in American infrastructure.

Ever wonder why the world's only Large Hadron Collider is in Europe? There were plans to build one in Texas. Congress wouldn't fund it.

On Marijuana, as on so many things, the leaders are behind the people. Let's hope they catch up.

On the New Zealand thing, I'm surprised it wasn't Texas that pioneered the idea.

And it's nice to know those stupid billboards are useful for something, even if it's only target practice.

SK: Thanks. BN is a new find for me. I've read about how Boston used to be. Hard to imagine it's the same place as today.

28 June, 2011 05:42  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

As far as the New Zealand piece (HuffPost), I didnt even read it till you mentioned it just now. I wouldnt even care to try horse semen myself, or any semen ... if Texas was to try it, I'm all for it though ... I would sell and package rat shit, if folk's thought it would tasted good and/ or like peanut butter or whatever(as far as taste comparison), it's business in other word's. I do like custard, but will stick with simply custard in preference to trying some horse semen :)

28 June, 2011 11:52  

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