19 June 2011

Link round-up for 19 June 2011

Here's another MRA type whose example in chatting with women should not be followed.

What Weiner did was reprehensible.

Our government violates our First Amendment rights by denying us the mystic power of the shroom.

This really exists: the Ohio Duct Tape Festival (found via Mendip).

Lloyd Marcus thinks we're the Antichrist.

Carolina Parrothead engages in combat grocery shopping.

Hysterical Raisins looks at the Republican debate.

The Atheist Camel looks at what's really ruining the country.

I think I've been on this plane (found via Mendip).

Religionists decide that a dog is possessed by the spirit of a dead lawyer and order it stoned to death.

If you have all three books, you're probably too smart to believe them.

Maryland authorities act to crush the menace of an unauthorized lemonade stand (found via Mendip).

The Strangest Adventures is a blog of political commentary in comic-book-cover form. Most targets are Republicans, though Weiner also makes an appearance.

A fundie named Dick phallicly exposes the phallic Satanism and phallicism behind phallic imagery at Denver's phallic airport. But he's not obsessed or anything.

Scott Adams is being a misogynistic ding-dong again; PZ Myers and David Futrelle perform the needed pwnage.

More heavy-handed punishment of harmless non-conformity -- what are people so afraid of?

A new workers-rights group launches.

Shaun Mullen looks at Scandinavian mysteries.

Check out the subtly surreal art of Peter Milton (found via Histories of Things to Come).

Ben Alley must be one tough teenager to get on with life and succeed after this horrific experience (found via Ed Brayton).

Kudos to Safeway: bigotry brings a firm response.

Creationists are intellectual cowards who use trickery to claim they've scored points.

Is your blog censored in China? Find out here.

The media are out of step with the public's real concerns.

This film about Palin sounds a lot more interesting than that silly Undefeated puff piece we've all been hearing about (found via Preliator pro Causa). Her approval rating is still dropping.

More ugly bigotry in Kentucky and Minneapolis -- but hey, it's in the Bible.

Georgia Logothetis has a comprehensive overview of Republican efforts to suppress voter turn-out.

A former President speaks out against the failed war on drugs.

How many innocent people are wrongfully convicted of crimes?

Wisconsin's union-busting law moves forward, committing the Republicans to a fight they'll likely lose.

In the New York gay-marriage fight, all the bad guys are religious.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is suing to stop a Mississippi school's practice of shackling students (sent by Mendip).

Tim Profitt, the Paultard who stomped on Lauren Valle's head during the 2010 election campaign, gets off lightly.

Craig Huey claims he knows nothing of that ludicrous Turn Right USA ad. Janice Hahn isn't so sure.

If you think the announced Republican Presidential candidates are bad, get a load of Rick Perry.

Gallup confirms: Obama could lose. This is a real fight and we must treat it as such. His aces: over 60% of Americans still blame Bush for the recession, and his high approval in Texas revives hopes of turning the Lone Star State blue.

Forget Palin -- Bachmann is the true candidate of the Christian Right. And she speaks in their code (found via Republic of Gilead).

The revenue lost by one day of the Bush tax cuts for millionaires would pay for one year of the CSFP nutrition-assistance program.

Victory in Louisiana: a draconian anti-abortion bill fails.

Frank Schaeffer looks at Reconstructionism and the threat of a Christian SharĂ®'ah in America.

Santorum is even more anti-science than most Republicans (found via Republic of Gilead). He would imprison doctors who perform abortions but, hypocritically, he wants his own to have the choice he would deny to others.

Even Palin seems to know, privately, that anthropogenic global warming is real.

Paula Kirby explains why the "personal relationship with God" concept is rubbish -- everyone just knows God is the way he wants him to be -- and why it's the fundamentals of religion that make it a nightmare.

Florida police abandon the Republican party en masse.

If you doubt that the Christian Right is dangerously hate-filled, read this (original here), and this.

German extremists are embarrassed by a too-revealing crossword puzzle.

European resistance to austerity madness escalates to violent revolt in Greece and a general strike in Britain.

As it did in the US decades ago, sport promotes integration in Germany.

A haters' conference provokes protest in Northern Ireland (found via Republic of Gilead).

Germany's solar-power industry now sustains more jobs than the US steel industry.

The UN finally takes a timid stand against anti-gay bigotry (more here); Islamic states object.

The fight against religious idiocy is being waged in India too.

Libyan women raped by Qaddhafi's troops are being murdered by their families in honor killings.

Regime forces use the magnificent Roman ruins at Leptis Magna as cover from NATO airstrikes.

Syria's brutal crack-down on rebels continues, but the army's loyalty to the regime is uncertain.

Moroccans, dissatisfied with reforms, plan protests.

The Iranian theocracy still fears its subjects enough to imprison and murder them.

Moderate Muslims in Indonesia start to act against the violent thuggery of the extremists.

Muslim religious scholars affirm the right to own slaves.

Make no mistake -- there's a firm scientific consensus about anthropogenic global warming.

Stem-cell therapy restores sight to a woman blind for twenty years (found via Mendip).

Canadian scientists develop a new strategy to defeat antibiotic- resistant bacteria.


Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Whoa, big day for me: My blog has attracted it's first Troll AND now it's banned in China! I feel like I've hit the Big Time!.

You're keeping me busy reading all week, my friend.

19 June, 2011 10:11  
Blogger Ahab said...

1) I think I've been on that plane too.

2) I checked out the comic book covers, and the one of Santorum and his "santorum" gave me a guilty, juvenile laugh.

3) The commentary on Islam and the use of POWs as slave girls was unsettling. I've always wondered how Islamic "feminists" can see Islam as pro-woman when its holy book condoned wife beating (Surah 4:34) and sexual abuse of female slaves (Surah 4:24).

4) Scott Adams? As in the guy who draws Dilbert? Ugh.

19 June, 2011 11:02  
Blogger Nance said...

Re: FL Gov. Rick Perry

He should know you never, ever want to piss off the police. Given that, in many states, cuts to the force, erosion of their benefits, and--is it even possible?--further erosion of their pay are part of the cost-saving package under consideration by tea party governors, Republicans will have more reasons than ever to feel paranoid. Like they needed some.

19 June, 2011 11:50  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

The first time I saw a video of the "Dick" at DIA, I thought he was a joke or doing a parody. How could anyone really be serious about this shit. Am going to post on FB along with your wonderful lead-in which is just as good, if not better, than the video.

19 June, 2011 13:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RtS: I'm apparently banned in China too. Probably due to all those times I referred to that gangster regime as a gangster regime.

Ahab: "Islamic feminism"? Hard to think of a bigger oxymoron.

Notice that it's a Muslim woman wishing her husband could buy slave girls as a substitute for adulterous dalliances. Some of our Republican politicians might quite like such a system.

Nance: Walker exempted the police union from his union-busting law in Wisconsin. They still showed solidarity with the workers under attack, though.

LP: Thanks! This "Dick" needs reminding of Freud's noted comment that "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

19 June, 2011 19:54  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

i should never read your round-ups, infidel, because i wind up not getting any sleep. they're like lay's potato chips. i can't read just one.

19 June, 2011 23:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: At least the link round-ups are free of calories and fat.....

Oh, and Scott Adams? Unfortunately he's always been a bit crazy -- one of his books which I've had for years espoused some weird concept that you can get whatever you want if you write it down over and over. I guess he's just been getting further and further off the deep end.

20 June, 2011 05:36  
Blogger Ahab said...

Sounds like he's been reading THE SECRET. Yuck.

20 June, 2011 07:00  

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