30 April 2011

Link round-up for 30 April 2011

MRAs and white supremacists make uneasy bedfellows.

It's the ultimate in recycling -- paper made from elephant dung (found via Mendip).

Pestilential preachers hassle riders on Dallas public transport.

Murr Brewster looks at the role of giant snails in Russian pollution control.

This Easter sermon sounds interesting.

Princess Beatrice's amazing Cthulhu royal wedding hat managed to win Mendip's favor, and it already has its own Facebook page with over 73,000 likes.

PZ Myers works on his image as a dignified elder statesman.

A treadmill provokes cat curiosity.

Facebook makes it easy for anyone with a grudge against you to get your account deactivated (found via Mendip).

If you use AOL for your e-mail, it's being censored (found via Plutocrap).

I hope this party will be as cool as the billboard promoting it.

The Atlas Shrugged movie is turkeying out as the critics rave.

We need more gutsy fighters like young Jessica Ahlquist.

It's mind-blowing that anyone was dumb enough to fall for this con.

Check out these creepy statues (found via Mendip).

This is carrying "what would Jesus do" a bit far.

Trump addresses the Chinese as "you motherfuckers" -- if this man becomes President, international relations could get "interesting." He also says China is "raping" America, though his own clothing line is manufactured there.

Birth certificate mini-round-up: Ed Brayton thinks Obama played it well; Ole Ole Olson thinks he should have waited; Joseph Cannon looks at the first claims of forgery; PZ Myers believes Obama's wasting his time; Grung_e_Gene views birtherism as a faith; A Feather Adrift reviews Becktard reactions; Progressive Eruptions isn't letting Trump off the hook; Politics Plus looks at underlying racism; Kris Broughton sees the dying gasp of a sick mentality; Mary's World doubts anything will improve; Jobsanger looks at early polls; Green Eagle says Trump can't change, and has a special wingnut wrapup (with doggie picture). For a right-wing blogger's view, see Silverfiddle. My take is here.

Why is Ron Paul making another run for President? Maybe it's to keep libertarianism in the family.

The Tea Party movement is shrinking dramatically.

If the MSM are so superior to blogs, how come they blunder like this (found via Mendip).

Bigots burn eight horses to death in Ohio.

Teabagger politicians push the same old Christian Right agenda (found via Liberal Values).

David Frum asks: Why didn't Republican leaders stand up to the birthers?

Oliver Willis provides 46 examples of Rush Limbaugh's racism.

Christian fanatics tell the vilest lies to smear Planned Parenthood. Pat Robertson babbles hatefully and incoherently.

While most cable news channels gain viewers, Fox is declining.

The claim that morality comes from God can only be defended by endorsing outrages against morality.

Chrissy Lee Polis, victim of the hideous Maryland McDonald's attack, confirms that it was a hate crime.

This year's Eurovision Song Contest suffers from embarrassing typos.

Highly-secular Britain is generally accepting toward gays, but one group still promotes hatred.

France and Italy may revise Europe's rules on free movement of people in the face of a flow of refugees from North Africa, and the idea is gaining support.

German police, working with Moroccan investigators and our CIA, foil an Islamic terrorist plot in Düsseldorf.

Since 2002 Denmark's immigration laws have been among the strictest in Europe, and this small country saves 5.1 billion kroner (about $1 billion) per year by limiting non-Western immigrants. One major party wants a total end to non-Western immigration -- a plan sure to attract the interest of other European countries.

Sign Avaaz.org's online petition to free arrested Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

As the Syrian rebellion escalates, there's growing evidence of a large-scale army mutiny against the regime.

Syrian blogger Amina A describes how her father stopped security forces from arresting her -- by persuasion.

Protests spread to yet another Arab country -- Mauritania (found via Mary Madigan).

China starts to crack down on smoking.

Prosthetic limbs controlled directly by the brain should become available to paralyzed people within a year (found via Mendip).

A technological breakthrough in Michigan could make solar power much cheaper (found via Mendip).


Blogger okjimm said...

Wow... I can't believe you have all those links!!! YOU are a BUSY fellow....whoa

30 April, 2011 15:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Heh.....Check it out, every Saturday morning.....

30 April, 2011 16:09  
Blogger okjimm said...

I think I will....

01 May, 2011 07:48  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

I love that giant eye.. but if they really wanted to make it an interesting art piece, they should have made it into a Camera Obscura so people could walk inside and see what is projected on the retina.

01 May, 2011 16:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That image begs for captions.

"Hurry up Mom...I can't hold this up much longer!"

03 May, 2011 03:14  

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