18 March 2011

The Libyan ceasefire

Maybe Qaddhafi isn't so crazy after all. Having been warned in no uncertain terms by some of the world's most powerful countries that his savagery will no longer be tolerated, his regime has announced a ceasefire.

This is welcome news, but the rebels and the West are right to be wary. We've already seen how this man behaves when he's not under immediate pressure. If he is allowed to remain in power, sooner or later he will go back to brutalizing the Libyan people. The only real solution is the end of this regime.

Update: As might have been expected, it's apparently a scam. Al-Jazeera reports that Qaddhafi's forces are still bombarding Misrata -- and that the West is not being fooled.

Don't forget that brutal crack-downs are also happening in Yemen and Bahrain. Meanwhile, the Guardian reports demonstrations in Syria -- perhaps Syrians are encouraged by the West's support for the Libyans?


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