19 February 2011

Link round-up for 19 February 2011

Murr Brewster looks at the latest canine luxury item.

This is impossible, but cool (found via Mendip).

If you use a library computer for anything personal, watch out for these.

In the unlikeliest place, romance blossoms (found via Republic of Gilead).

In the US, it's increasingly common that women make more money than men.

After this year's CPAC was boycotted by hard-line right-wingers because a gay conservative group participated, the next one will exclude pro-gay-rights groups.

Republic of Gilead has more on CPAC. And Ann Coulter is just confused.

A Feather Adrift looks at teabagger crackpottery nation-wide.

Robert Broadus is a cutting-edge bigot -- he's prejudiced against relationships that don't even exist yet (sent by Mendip).

Military rape victims are suing. This chaplain is no help (found via Republic of Gilead).

Republican support for the Patriot Act disappoints a conservative.

Georgia state rep Bobby Franklin is a bit nutty (found via Republic of Gilead).

JoƩ McKen looks at South Dakota's kill-the-doctors law.

The South Carolina legislature threatens to exceed its authority.

62% of New Hampshire residents oppose right-wing efforts to repeal their gay-marriage law.

Jack Jodell looks at changes in the Republican party.

Sign a letter to Congress to defend Planned Parenthood.

I've said it before -- Americans want socialism even if they recoil from the word.

Plutocrap looks at Obama's response to the situation in Wisconsin.

Quite a few Americans have reacted to the Lara Logan assault in an utterly repulsive way -- examples here (found via Preliator pro Causa) and here. By contrast, Egyptian activists have condemned the attack and even set up a Facebook page (found via Progressive Eruptions) for the purpose.

Mubarak used his last days in power to shift his vast wealth out of Egypt.

The regimes in Bahrain and Libya are using brutal violence against protesters, yet the revolts continue. German views of Libya here.

Demonstrations continue in Yemen and have spread to Jordan.

Bring them all down!

Something for the Middle East to consider: religion is the ultimate tyranny.

Der Spiegel looks at the guru of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (but remember, most Egyptians don't want the Brotherhood to take power).

Belgians have their own way to protest. They should be protesting this (found via The Crossed Pond).

In Britain, a bigoted health worker is rebuked (found via Republic of Gilead).

A vile man: the creator of China's internet-censorship system regrets only that it isn't more effective.

India's Dalits build a temple to the goddess of the English language.

In Iran, modernity undermines the weird religious obsession with virginity.

Bangladesh's "tiger widows" fight superstitious ostracism.

I'm not sure this will ever catch on: carnivorous furniture (found via Mendip).

This book looks worth a read.

Japan's mass-murder fleet retreats from Antarctica.

Kentucky scientists develop a new strategy for fighting macular degeneration.


Blogger mendip said...

Great links - thanks. It's amusing and appropriate that the little hitler behind China's censorship efforts is named Dr. Fang. Right out of a 1960's spy script. Can "The Craw" be far behind?

19 February, 2011 07:22  

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