30 October 2010

Link roundup for 30 October 2010

Cracked looks at the five most baffling horror movies ever (found via Mendip).

Christmas lights? Bah, humbug. Check this out.

At last -- an honest teabagger campaign ad.

Some people get upset really, really easily.

A Portuguese farmer resorts to murder to save his ass (found via Mendip).

It's amazing what the apocalypse nutters will fall for.

This could have been worse -- they could have used pictures of Rich Iott's re-enactor group (found via Mendip).

For a change, Islam inspires a genuinely beneficial invention: a cell-phone jammer.

People do get wrapped up in computer games, but this is insane.

Google screenprints illustrate public perceptions of religions.

Vote on the Macaca awards for grifting and race-baiting.

Trolls can destroy free expression if they aren't stopped.

Troglodyte politicians attack Halloween (found via Mendip).

At Deepwater Horizon, BP and Halliburton failed to test a new cement mixture known to be unstable.

"MOTHER FUCKERS.....white guilt ridden assholes, NIGGERS and greasy mexican spics.....we take OUR (White) nation back"..... Just another day in the life of a Houston voter-registration group.

Lauren Valle replies to Tim Profitt.

High minority turnout could help the Democrats on Tuesday.

The only chance left to stop a Rubio win in Florida is for Meek -- or Crist -- to drop out.

Palin denounces Murkowski as a "liberal". The far right is on the attack.

A Texas TV station frets that the decline of bigotry could destroy America. And here's someone even nuttier (sent by Mendip).

Bullies don't like it when people stand up to them.

NOM's campaign against Iowa judges features another failed bus tour.

72% of Americans aren't buying the Christian Right's evasions of responsibility on anti-gay bullying (found via Republic of Gilead).

Arch-bigot Clint McCance has resigned. Background here; some questions for NOM here.

Teabaggerdom is evolving into just another theocratic movement (found via Republic of Gilead).

After an outrageous miscarriage of justice in New Jersey (later overturned, thank goodness), SharĂ®'ah law lands on the ballot in Oklahoma (sent by Ranch Chimp).

A gap opens between the laissez-faire US and socialist Germany.

As pundits and bloggers blither about "Islamophobia", yet another Islamic terrorist plot against Jews is uncovered.

Foreign moneyed interests support global-warming denialists in the US.

Germany is working to ban Islamic forced marriage (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Next time, don't hold a wedding ceremony in a country infested with religious bigots (kudos to the government for decisive action, though).

Now this takes guts: atheists speak out in Somalia, Bangladesh, and Tunisia.

Tim McGaha looks at the most contentious election in US history.

The marble of an Italian church holds a truly ancient relic.

This may be the goofiest misunderstanding of evolution ever, well- pwned by PZ Myers.

Texas, too, has a creationist "museum".

Does humanity have a duty to eradicate carnivorous species?

Science can bring us moral lucidity.

The Andromeda galaxy glows resplendently in ultraviolet (click image to enlarge).

The steroid hormone DHEAS helps increase life expectancy.

Wired magazine interviews Aubrey de Grey.

Telomere extension to rejuvenate the immune system is already being tested on humans.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Style Greeting's Infodel!

Still have not finished, but a few comment's now.

One of the most interesting read's I enjoyed had to be New Scientist ... On Morality: Science making us Better. I was just impressed by this piece in particular!

SE Bastard's piece on mom shaking baby to death ... 2nd degree murder? and she is addicted? what's next, should we cry for her?(mom) Thank goodness for abortion, perhap's sterilization would also help.

A very nice collection of photo's/ link's from "Stay A While" on the Andromeda piece ... actually quite a bit of recent image's we have been able to enjoy due to the tech's of today ... on one hand I would love to be able to share with Galileo ... but would fear he would have a cardiac arrest just from the thrill and enjoyment! :)

Pharyngula's piece on the Leg Lamp ... love that lamp, it would fit quite well in my home collection! Great looking leg! ... beside's .. I love stocking's and heel's. :) I dont seem to see any connection to xmas though, as far as insulting to it(?)

SE Bastard's post on the Halloween light show ... excellent piece of art there!

TPM Houston Teabag's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... easy to talk all that shit online ... I'd like to see them go into 4th, or 5th Ward in Houston or the Height's and talk all that shit! :)

Nice piece from Konovalenko as well (which I expect) on restoring immune system to a younger state.

I will add a few more in another since this might not take it all.

30 October, 2010 05:03  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx especially for the Creationist Museum piece in Glen Rose Texas ... havent heard a bloody thing about that ... and that's only an hour and a half drive or so from my home in NW Dallas (maybe 80 miles top's?). I went to YouTube just to view a couple museum's which were in Cincinnati/ Covington area and some other one in England (London?) because I wanted to see one for entertainment. And possibly post for one of my art posting's, however so far what I seen in those two town's was not really too impressive as they were talked about being, as far as any kind of art actually, rather a bit bland actually, I reckon I just expected much more, I mean they say they are "creationist's", that was not very "creative" (what I seen in the video's), is my point. But since Glen Rose is so close and I drive Texas quite a bit, this can be an easy visit. However if it's some ridiculous entry admission price, I'll pass.

The Sun News piece on the poor oloe Guy killed for shagging a donkey ... what a bad trip Guy ... I mean ... like if it isnt bad enough having to dress in lingerie and slipper's just to get laid by a donkey, which must have been one Hell of an aroma as well ... then get killed after the climatic event ... geeezz! My heart goes out to the victim!

Funny short story ... I knew this old man (80 year's old) who grew up out in the wood's of East Texas and he once told me a story of how he had to shag cows to get laid. I asked why?, trying to hold back from laughing, he sounded so sad. He said, there was hardly no women, and most were white women (he was black) and that if you messed with them back them, you could kiss your black ass goodbye, if you got caught, so it was common to shag cows when there wasnt a woman. One day I was walking up to him, and made a "Moo" sound ... just as a joke after that ... But said ... "Just joking John". Actually I knew one of his daughter's ... and wow! what a knockout she was ... you can bet her mom wasnt a cow! :)

Later Guy ... have a Great Halloween! :)

30 October, 2010 05:28  
Blogger mendip said...

I love the Leg Lamp VS Jesus link! I double dog dare the store to remove it!

30 October, 2010 07:02  

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